Friday, July 31, 2009

amerie's 3rd album is coming out in august and the first music video is already out. insanely catchy. it's the first song on my playlist right now but i have a feeling youtube is going to take it down very i'll enjoy it now till i either get tired of it or youtube takes it down lol.

okay i'm done complaining about the hot weather, i am just eagerly anticipating nice 70ish degrees F. days

boredd. i don't know if it's been a week yet, but i bought whey protein to try and gain more muscle mass...along with continuing to work out of course. i won't be doing as much cardio though because eh..i'm fine with my body fat percentage right now. once i finish my 2 lb jug, i gotta like..see if theres a difference.

boredd. i had to fix around the back fo my closet
okay hopefully i won't get more lol because i have no other doors to put them on.

so uh. i bought some underwear today, i can throw out my ripped ones. yey.
it's going to be august in 30ish starts in a couple weeks. eh.

i'm itching to dye my hair but it's so short. ehh..couple more months...couple more months..


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