Thursday, August 27, 2009

bah soompi is down, bored as hell. time to kill myself!! *slits wrists*

godd its so hot today, i've been sleeping around 4am for the past couple weeks and i usually wake up by 12 but this week i've been waking up at 3pm...not good. well it's my last week of summer anyway. school starts on monday so yey i guess...back to waking up at 8am and coming home around 1 and then going to work afterwards...coming home at 6 and knocking out...but instead of the coming home at 6..i'll probably be driving myself to the library and doing school stuff there till closing and then knocking out at home..maybe with time to workout before going to bed.

it's actually been a rather cool summer in the valley but woo..not anymore. .today is a scorching 105 degrees F. which is like 40 something degrees C. and then i remember mistakenly leaving a facebook comment saying 60 something degrees C. and i looked at the thermometer 60 degrees C. is like 115+ degrees...where it's pretty much impossible to live because of the terrain and etc lol. spending my day downstairs er. so boring. listening to my brother play his stupid ass quake game and random NBA crap with his annoying music. oh the joy of living in the desert...

i rasterbated a huge snsd poster for my room! lol. kinda tacky but eh. i'll find something better room is so plain. I really need to find something to hold that hair dryer hahah...

i wake up this morning hearing my mom on the phone asking my brother's insurance company to change dentist's since his is so far. he hasn't seen a dentist in awhile either (awhile = since 2005, 4 years ago) and i'm wondering to myself..isn't she scared my brother would need extensive work done too..especially since my brother is such a pig and he only brushes his teeth once a day..sick. Later on in the evening i got the balls to ask her that question and my mom replied that she'd fork over money for our health...and i'm thinking to myself...yeah...i'd say that to my own child too... :\ yeah. it's also going to be 100 degrees tommorow and 95 degrees the day after...woohoo...

i was hoping to go to costco today...but it seems out of the question..since my mom is already preparing dinner...

here's an interesting article on LA's freshwater preservation
Heavily Sleeping Mayor Snoozes Through Law Breaking
Villaraigosa's office blames violations on "program malfunction"

oh mayor still fail


  1. cool poster!! *sigh* lets move to canada peter! so we can get free health care and cheaper braces? haha :P

  2. hahah yes, we just have to endure the cold north lol.

    i would love to move to england instead though but canada isn't bad