Saturday, August 15, 2009

if you can see that i'm the one who understands you~
been here all along~
so why can't you seeee, ee, ee~
that you belong with mee, ee, ee~ you belong with me..

taylor swift is viral..dam her country pop rock... i've been hearing her music on the radio and at work wayy too much..little girls who can't even read know how to sing her songs..

it seems like everyone has started finding boyfriends and girlfriends and i'm just here not interested in having or seeking a relationship so i'm just bumming around as the days pass with no one to talk to because my friends are busy with their significant others or having a more exciting life than mine.

i wish blogger had a picture upload thing similar to xanga..i'd like to upload pictures from my laptop and from my desktop as well where i can just click an add photo button and just click whatever pictures i wanted to put in my entry..unless there is and i'm just too retarded to find i'll just finish my entry here and edit it on my laptop with my other pictures

well anyway, my laptop came 14" still seems kind of big but yeah i like it :). i was going to waste 9$ buying a laptop sleeve from dealextreme but after chatting with andrew, he mentioned using his binder as one and so i dug an old fivestar zip up binder and checked if it fit and it does! SLIICCK cept theres some extra vertical space but no biggie. save myself 8-20$, now i just need to fill out a request form for my free windows7 upgrade (which i have to pay shipping for..BAH! 17$!) ..too lazy to do it now so i'll just wait till the release date of it is near because the earliest ship date for it is Oct 22. I spent alot of time removing all the junk software on it and having a craptacular time with the wifi software because the vista wifi detector and the lenovo one kinda clash and ultimately connects me to the internet yet i can't view crap without closing one, but i just figured out how to stop the lenovo one from starting up, so hopefully that problem is solved..

lalala another boring saturday night at home, so anyway i've been trying to gain weight/muscle mass and have been basically doing resistance training since i'm too cheap to buy some heavier weights and a curling bar (lol). not sure how it is coming along but it's almost been a month and now i just feel like i'm getting fat so i'm going to start getting some cardio in now for 3 weeks maybe and get back into resistance for 2 weeks after, then run for 3 weeks etc etc. switching up my routine basically.

ignore me trying to show that i have biceps and my awful farmers tan that seems like it'll never go away lol. i won't go shirtless either because i got too much jiggle :x~ and a gut. neeeed a better chest, stomach and biceps augggh but i have a love for soda and fast food...fuck my lifee.

so anyway. this week was the last week of summer camp at my workplace, i'm so relieved but at the same time i'll have no work for the next 3 weeks and i miss all the "Hi Peter! -random hug-" from the really little kids already haha..for my last music&rhythm class where we pretty much did nothing but dance around and of my cute little girl students was soo bored and no one wanted to play duck duck goose so i handed her my cellphone and told her to go around a take pictures and she seemed to have a blast with it, glad she wasn't bored for the time being..while i let my little boy students play with their nintendo DS's since it was the last day of class if they didn't wanna play musical chairs...very crappy musical chairs...i also need to get a DS for myself so i can play games when i'm bored too and play mario kart and etc against the kids at work..gotta wait till xmas...not in a hurry to buy one.
-okay- now i am on my laptop and wow wifi is pretty annoying if you let your computer sleep alot..i got annoyed and went to find an ethernet cable to plug in my laptop lol. well anyway on the last day of summer camp all the classes have skits and electives perform dances and sing and stuff it was pretty fun. the best part was the movie making class, that was like the best part of the morning..the morning i had to wake up fkin early for lol. there was some cute movies made and shown it was so cool ^ ^

my dance class is usually really exciting but wow i guess stage fright got to them, usually they'd sing SHAKE YOUR BOOTY!! outloud while swinging their arms lol but wow check out my class lol but yeah still proud of my class for trying.

well least they were smiling and being cute..and only like one kid jumped lol. after all the performances and video viewing all the kids got lunch and the kids who signed up for swimming went swimming and the kids who signed up for fieldtrips went to the movies, a couple coworkers and i ended up dropping off like 15 kids together lol but i had nothing better todo anyway. mr boss gave me a caramel frap? i think it was a frap from starbucks while i was bumming around at work because i didn't want to go home and sit around there. the wifi at work kept booting me off like at cha for tea though, lame. maybe it'll work better next time.

the day before the performances i was free for the day so i took denise out to look for jobs and just hang around. what kinda sucks is that like almost all mall job apps are online or they aren't hiring. i also took her to walmart to apply and helped compose of list of places to apply to when she got home. it sucks to be in her position where her mom lost her job and denise is unemployed herself and her dad gets very little work and they're sharing a room with 3 brothers in another room and one apparently is a mormon and i don't know what else..and find out your boyfriend has been cheating on you o_O..

augh my left top wisdom tooth is coming out and the area is sore..i want them out but at the same time i'm scared of the costs..procedure i don't really care about but not anticipating the puffy cheeks and eating porridge for a week. eeek. i think it'll happen fairly soon since i dont have work and school doesn't start till the 31st. i may go to a dentist this week..eek!


hm long entry. and i just reread my entry and fixed all my funny typos

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  1. I need a new laptop! I'm still using the one I got 3 years ago during Black Friday where I had to fight off this vicious lady hahaha.

    lol wear sunscreen! I wear spf 85 every day and somehow I'm still slightly farmer-tanned... except I feel like my face looks paler than the rest of me?? I guess since my skin is clear now ^^v

    omgg those kids are adorable <3

    & I think my wisdom teeth are coming out too (impacted) so I might eventually have to get them taken out, ugh.