Sunday, September 13, 2009

ahh it's 3am..i'm such a night owl even though i'm so tired sometimes i refuse to nap or sleep sometimes. blogging now since im going to bed soon and i have a bunch of shit to do tommorow that i'd have no time to blog and i'll probably be too tired or lazy to blog. the only sucky thing about staying up after 3 is that there's nothing to watch on's all infomercials and scam stuff lol. atleast on dtv there's stuff to watch...3 month old music core on mbc[d] right now hah

well anyway this week i started working again. if i calculated right, i worked 17 hours this week.which is kind of hard to believe because i usually get some crap hours like 9.75-12 in a week but yeah. gotta make that monayyy. after work on friday i was so tired that after i making dinner for myself i went straight to bed...woke up at midnight and brushed my teeth..stayed up till about 4 and resumed sleeping till 1pm..i smelled like crap because i didn't shower. when i have super pooped days like that hah so i have to shower in the morning. seeing the kiddies again is nice since i was trapped at home for the past 3 weeks being a loner as usual.

this week i could have got about 20 hours too but aiii i have an appt. with the oral surgeon on friday to have my wisdom teeth removed! i'm actually kind of excited and just want it over with, shots i don't really give a fuck about..been there, done that. just want it done with so i can heal up and resume my boring, sad life. i took a pic of my xrays! i got these on like the 2nd but my appt is on the 18th because it was the only friday available. arrgh...the 1st pic i can see the tooth..but the 2nd one just looks like a white top right one is fully out and the left one is like out but part of it is still under gum..i don't have to get them removed but i want them out anyway because they're hella crooked and food just gets stuck there.. serve me no use.

so, i love my current wallpaper on my laptop and desktop wee..but yeah too lazy to screenie. i changed the bg music for the blog, which is my current jam. Geun Ee(gn.e)-goom(dream) ft. sung hee...great track...sounds like something mario would sing..

apple had their conference on weds. and the new ipod touch has disappointed me..though 32gb for 299$ is great..i wanted that camera and mic. i guess i'll have to wait even longer...or i can get the zune hd..but i'll have to wait to see what good hacks can be done to it. the new nano is great though but i want wifi as well.

this week was also a great political week. president obama gave a speech to the students of the US and gave a speech to congress about his plans for healthcare reform. both speeches were great because the president is such a good speaker and knows how to stand his ground. do take a watch and share the vids. we are THAT much closer to healthcare reform. don't disappoint me again like that prop8 shit.

speech to the students of the US which sparked some controversy as if the president was trying to brainwash our children into thinking unforsaken things like i dont know? well anyway to sum it up. obama lived in a single parent household, his dad left him when he was 2..he wasn't the perfect student but he worked hard to get into and through school. michelle obama's parents both didn't go to college but she also worked hard to get through school, without school many of the things we depend on using (computers, devices, etc) wouldn't have existed and diseases wouldn't be cured. education is important.

healthcare reform. basically the same stuff i've posted in the past along with stuff such as...this is the farthest a healthcare reform proposal has gone and it wouldn't add to the US deficit, it'll only help our citizens and our's 47 minutes long. im tired lol. its 4am. i should sleep.


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