Saturday, September 19, 2009

boredom. i'm going to stop taking the painkillers unless i'm going to bed, it makes me really out of it and sleepy but i can't fall asleep after sleeping 11 hours.

blogging since i've woken up from my "nap" or more like the effects of the pain killer.

lets life is boring but i choose to blog anyway because i have nothing better to do or anyone else to tell stuff to.

typical work week, on thursday i planned to have dinner withmy buddy anna because we only see each other once every couple of months. friday wouldn't work because i have scheduled my wisdom teeth removal on the 18th about 2.5 weeks prior

i chose to go to this somewhat new taiwanese boba place called half and half tea house, the interior was nice. hate all the pretty smokers outside though. we both got taiwanese noodles which basically looked like the same thing except anna's was cold and mine was hot,she got chicken and i got pork, she had peanut sauce and something else, and i had egg soup. when you buy noodles it already comes with a choice of milk tea or green tea so there was no point in buying their pretty 3.85$ drinks
went to cue because we don't know what else to do, don't really feel like getting frozen yogurt. we aint near a bustling NY

yesteday i had my wisdom teeth removed.
i went to an oral surgeon for my extraction, insurance covered my bottom ones since they aren't out but the top ones i didn't get a referral for and didn't want to bother going back to my dentist for him to write one to see if insurance would cover it so i paid full for those...and the surgeon wanted another xray since the ones my dr weren't good enough so yeah..more money to pay..30 dollars per impacted tooth, top 2 teeth were 200 each, xrays were 101 and 70 for consultation?next checkup? or something. whopping 631$...

the procedure wasn't bad, my surgeon was really fast with the anesthetics (hope i spelled that right). it was like poke poke poke and he leaves the room to work on someone else while the shots start to numb my face. he then came back and lowered my chair and started, he pushed on my teeth or something to see if i felt pain, after the ok~ he proceded with one side and then the other, it was quick and painless. the only thing somewhat painful was when he was drilling the crap out of my left impacted tooth, it felt really cold but i just took it and yep. i was done. the assistant just gave me some guidelines for healing, gave me some gauzes and i was free. went to the pharmacy to get my pain meds and amoxillicin and just sitting here.

i didn't swell up tooo bad, i'm like mashi maro status right now.
once i heal up, i need to start working out again. i won't let the flu get me. ahh


  1. I like Half and Half! Delicious boba, although quite pricey. I don't think it's real Taiwanese... hahah! I love the interior though.

    I hope I don;t have any dry pockets. I still manage to have some food stuck in my gums. eesh

  2. real taiwanese is questionable LOL but the noodles atleast lol

    but when you say pricey i think its cheaper than cha though, because all the drinks are like one huge size? for around 3.85? when you go to cha and get a large drink, like a reg. boba milk tea is like 3.58+1$ for large which is like 4.57$