Thursday, September 3, 2009

weirded out.

the best part about being a teacher is meeting with parents right? lol awkward. i'm not even a real teacher. i'm just an after school tutor with a classroom/ teacher's aide...leave me alone!! i'm just a kid with working class parents who's trying to support himself.

my mom said "your just like your dad, you have a long upper body and short legs. your dad wears the same length pants i do and i'm shorter." ouch, what a low blow. i'm short enough as it is and i got a big ass and thick legs.

i got my last summer camp paycheck. woot. 235$ richer. ipod touch here i come, in the upcoming weeks, hate dragging around my laptop when i don't need to.

so anyway, i had a busy day i guess. after class i was debating whether to stay at school or not till my staff meeting at work which was at 7pm.

i ended up going home even though it'd double my drive and stuff but hey whatever beats eating alone at some fast food joint near school :\ my laptop barely had any battery left. i got home and continued charging my laptop and checked my email and then asked my mom if she needed to go anywhere, she's been meaning to buy another band for the vacumm cleaner because the vacumm has yet again pulled another thread creating more ugly ass lines on the carpet floor. My mom and I went to in and out without my douchebag dick faced little brother because he has a stuck up his ass for these past couple days. it's a bitch to get a seat around lunch was almost 2 and all the seats were taken for awhile. i ended up setting next to this asian man eating lunch by himself..sucked for him and i but whatever. some ballin' asian guy who was very well groomed/put together was eating there with his probably other rich friend. his outfit must've cost atleast 1000$ belt...D&G pants...prob some designer dress shirt and tie....he probably drove the maserati parked in the parking lot too...must be nice to be rich...something i'll probably never be. would you want a guy like that? but you'd probably have to make yourself up everyday to be the best trophy girlfriend you could be or he could dump you instantly and get a new younger, better looking trophy girlfriend in a second. Pressuring and stressful? but what if he "really" loved you right? trusts you with all the money he got? getting off the subject but it was a thought that came up today as i walked back to the library

after eating i drove to kmart and walked to the vacumm store a couple blocks down and came back. my mom wanted to waste time walking around kmart annoying, i needed to go back to school and read and buy some missing books. i'm still waiting for 2 shipping notifications..ah...spent about 220$ on books so far...paid it all myself since i feel so guilty having my mom pay for my deep dental cleaning. Anyway i finished my oceanography online quiz homework there and read and did my english homework with only a little bit of time to check out the statistics book i need but i could only find the previous version of the book..guess someone else checked it out...guess it was my lucky day though, as i waited to use a copy machine the girl was chatting it up with her classmate and left the machine with 40 cents still in it...woot 4 free pages for me. once i was done making copies i rushed to my car and drove to get some boba on my way to my workplace because we had a staff meeting tonight.

let's see the usual informative stuff, stuff i already know and who wants to volunteer to do this and that. well crap~ i guess i volunteered myself to be a 5th grade teacher but i'm just a sub so whew it's only like once a week where i actually sit and be a dictator hah. i had no idea parents would come and check out the place at night and meet teachers and stuff. i got this kid to pick up from school on tuesday with no idea how he looked like, he came tonight with his parents and it was sooooo awkward for me to chat with them. I met this kid named Cole and introduced myself, told him i'll be picking him up from school on tuesday and to look for me if he is scared of not getting picked up etc. His parents started asking me how old i was and am i certified to do such a thing and i ended up walking away after i introduced myself and walking back to the classroom i'd be "teaching" in. hah what a bad impression, his parents came back later and asked what car i drove and if they could see it. I was like why not and walked to it and showed them my beautiful ashy cr-v. they asked me like god forsaken stuff like, so if there was an accident how would like stuff would be resolved? and i needa get him a car seat because he's like 6 or under 60lbs apparently it's law or something? i'm like not sure, but assured their child is safe, i don't drive like a mad man blah blah blah BS BS BS. eesh. I hope I looked trustworthy and diligent... Other than that we had ice cream cake for the august birthdays and just hung around till everyone slowly left 1 by 1. jeez i typed alot. not like anyone ever reads this.

typed all that last night, i'm now waiting for my english lab so i can go home.
my headphones rubber stuff is coming off..i feel stupid for placing it in my laptop binder. bah!

my mom only worked 2 days this week. does this mean she's going to get sacked?
"Hip clothing maker American Apparel Inc. will lay off more than a quarter of its factory work force in Los Angeles amid a probe by U.S. immigration authorities -- an early indication of how the Obama administration crackdown on employers of illegal immigrants could play out.

In early July, the company announced that it had been notified by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE, that 1,600 of it is 5,600 factory employees, who are largely Hispanic immigrants, might be in the U.S. illegally. An American Apparel spokeswoman said that about 1,500 workers would be terminated in coming weeks."

she isn't an illegal immigrant though but if AA decides to relocate, that'd suck.

i need a picture...well anyway i just went to my workplace to get a booster seat to leave in my car for that kid so his parents know i got him one to use on tuesday...even though he's in 3rd grade...and mr. boss asked me if i wanted a toothbrush O_o, i was like sure and got me a spiderman one yeeuh! he also asked if i wanted floss too, hell yeeeuh! especially when i forgot mine at the dentist hah! maybe i should have gotten more.


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