Sunday, November 8, 2009


hm i have crap to get my transcript to another CC to get my math level cleared so i don't have to take a placement test (which i'd probably bomb at), reschedule my dentist appointment to a friday instead of tuesday (so i wouldn't have to skip work), figure out what the fuck to take if the class i want is full __ __;;...get my h1n1 vaccine, finish reading this book..


so anyway..i had some gourmet cupcakes with stephanie and lisa the other day, not really my thing...but cute, sweet and very rich i guess.gotta crop out my ugly face.

the house passed healthcare reform woo~ now for senate vote or whatever...watching numbers change on CNN was so much more exciting than whatever basketball game was

i'm going through soda withdrawl because there is no soda at home and still plenty of milk to drink before making another trip to costco. AHHH.

such a boring sunday at home.


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