Sunday, November 29, 2009

1 more day.

it'll be december. new years resolution? bring up GPA, apply for transfer & hope to get accepted into my first choice, maybe quit drinking soda, and continue to get fit~ no more 2-3 month breaks from exericising!

christmas wishlist for myself because i don't have much friends, nor do i need my parents to buy me stuff, and to remind myself what i'm missing. so anyway, some hats, belts & belts with cool buckles, warm slippers for my room, cool boots, cologne.

i went to walmart on friday evening without the intent of snagging a good deal, just for whey protein and a exercise or yoga mat for my weights...god parking was such a drag.

i also went to the mall on saturday..parking ALSO a drag, this dumb bitch could've hit me as she sped out of the parking lot corner at like 20mph without the thought of anyone else looking for a spot coming in. why are people so inconsiderate?

i didn't get anything at the was mainly for my undeserving little brother who wanted a new pair of vans because his has holes in them. my mom got a jacket for herself and some shirts for my dad. since my mom is dumb and bought just the jacket first and then bought something for my dad, she lost out on using a coupon which i found after she was looking at clothes for my dad, so i got the ad and had her return her jacket and repurchasing it with the shirts for my dad. i wish i had a more experienced associate because she was like all frantic about doing things that i was really dumbfounded when the coupon didn't work. SHE SCANNED THE WRONG BARCODE for 15$ off 75, when our total didn't reach 75$...and as i read the fine print she was like i'll just try this one and see what happens...and to my "surprise" it worked and my mom got 10$ off her purchase of 50+$'s not like i've never worked at a store like jc penny anyway, i know brand name things don't get discounted. jesus christ.

i got my pacsun package in the mail, which was freakishly sort of fast. estimated delivery date was december 2nd, i got it on saturday! super.

i'm content with the jeans, even though the slim straight "black" ones are more of a dark's okay...more variety for my closet. what i'm not content with is how thin my cardigan is and that it isn't 100% cotton...blah should've made a wiser decision AND i didn't get 2 pacloots like i returning it is good...and the charge did indeed return to my checking account balance. i feel like it's chase's way of trying to make people get overdrafts...but i'm good with my money..that'll never happen. guess i'll go to the mall next week to get my 11dollars back, can't this week because of a staffing meeting and dental appointment.

so anyway.
tiger woods got into a car accident with a tree, right next door to his house and doesn't want to talk about it for the 3rd time. can we leave the man alone! dam who gives a fuck!! there are more important matters to be dealt with...

senate will resume talks on healthcare reform tommorow [monday]
obama will announce his decision on combating al qaeda in afghanistan tuesday
VS fashion show is on tuesday too! cbs 10pm

i ditched my english class last wednesday to finish and turn in my paper...i'm going to look like a fool tommorow if we had homework. eh..oh well

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  1. I was at the gym watching CNN on my elliptical when they were reporting about Tiger Woods. I was like what the hell is the big deal?! So I plugged in my headphones to the machine (was listening to my iPod before) and found out he hit a tree... WTF?!! Who. The. Eff. Cares. I'd be soo embarassed if I crashed into a tree.