Sunday, December 6, 2009

nothing like pigging out on leftovers and watching the most recent episode of 30rock season 4 on hulu @ 4am

my mom often shows compassion for homeless people and giving them a buck or two...and if she isn't doing it infront of my face, she would be telling me how she felt so bad seeing a person in such an awful situation and saying how she pitched a dollar to help. glad to know that my mom has a kind heart, glad to know that i'm not living in poverty because of her and my dad, and even if i was living in poverty in the US, i'd be glad that i wasn't living in poverty in a country stricken with political and economic turmoil. so even if you can't help every homeless person and have doubts about certain people, you can always help indirectly. donate what you can, especially when it is the season of giving.
--insert cheesey xmas picture here--


  1. very sweet of your mom! my mom doesnt do that... when she sees homeless people and we`re around, they will tell us "see them? you need to work hard in school so you wont end up like that.." -___-;;