Sunday, December 20, 2009

on a lighter note.

two entries in one day! woo~
i'm surprised in the replies i got for my leg hair entry...haha...all the ridicule i get from kids at work because they don't know the stigma behind it.

can someone tell me why or how they chose to make the senate voting for healthcare at 1am eastern time? don't old white people need to sleep? lol...roughly 25 minutes until voting D:

so is kind of hard to believe that christmas is nearing...already...i didn't really buy presents this year, besides as secret santa
on saturday was the christmas potluck @ work, we exchanged secret santa gifts, ate, and played a scavenger hunt game for money [prize was 4$/person]

i woke up at 11:30 slapped some water into my face and hair so i didn't look like a mess, changed, and drove to a viet restaurant nearby to order a party plate and drove back home to get brush my teeth :x ...i was like 40 minutes late but whatever, angela & her sister was even more late than i was...and michi and anyway i picked up my party tray of banh cuon and drove to work...

cred: google

half of my 5lb party tray was consumed but yeah..i took alot home :[~~ since i don't cater to everyones' taste and there are some vegetarians..yerrr.

so anyway i'll get to pictures, i'm at a loss for words because of television and writer's block

l: i bake and then velvet with cream cheese frosting (hmm) &glass of milk
r-top: my secret santa got me burberry cologne!! ^__^ she said she also ebay'd me a pair of doraemon fuzzy slippers but will give it to me later because it's still being shipped..sure blows the crap out of what i got as secret santa.
r-bottom: a student got me a 5$ starbucks giftcard! :) , they take notice that i constantly bring in caffeinated drinks almost everyday Y_Y...something to sure be proud of...

so anyway these are some of the things my team had to scavenge

l top: an eeyore
l bottom: a male member of your group purchasing women's undergarment
r top: a picture of a member and a stranger wearing a college sweatshirt
r bottom: a guy with long hair

l top: a license plate with 3 repeating letters or numbers
l bottom: a picture of a member infront of a house with a snowman or santa decoration
r top: a picture of one of your members riding a fire engine
r bottom: find a pair of pink pants

l: a male member of your team wearing high heels and walking 5 ft (i got a video of phong werkin' it but i shall not post)
r top: find a yellow butterly
r bottom: find a car with antlers

so team fucking lost..we were in 3rd
it was fun.

plans for this week...wash my car and my parents' cars...
exercise...fix sleeping schedule...don't know what else...loner stuff.

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