Thursday, January 7, 2010


today this cute kid at work asked me in a very sad, sincere sounding manner "peter...later, can you help me fix my cube?"
i replied "what cube?" and he pulls out a rubix cube. I then felt sad that I couldn't help him because I didn't know how to solve one, i told him to ask another teacher. I feel so bad now that I want to know how to solve one...

blehh for not being a smart asian...hahah..

also, since my mom can't always cook for me really quickly, i made a quick drive to in-n-out (well i go there like almost everyweek but yeah~) and decided to buy to go instead of the drive thru because there was no employee outside taking orders and i was just anxious to get my burger and leave. i only get a cheese burger with grilled onions, no fries or drink because i don't usually finish the fries (fattening...trying to reduce carb intake) and i have soda at home, so lunch is like 2.18$. while taking my order, the employee said "you look familiar..." "did you go to ahs?" "were you in all male?" aiiii *hides face in embarassment* heh..i look at her name tag and it was nohemi, who graduated before i did and i don't really actually know her. i learned choreography from her sister and have seen her at practice a couple times and thats it. its strange the person to least remember me or know who i am, somewhat knows me...kind of makes me a little happy inside but at the same time it's odd. i have this tendency to rub my nose in awkward situations and she goes "is there something on my nose??" LOL was an interesting way to start my day though, nice to know that i still exist in this world...besides to my close friends, which is basically lisa, anna, andrew, and my i got my burger, i said bye to her and went on my way back home to eat and get ready for work. greeting people is something i don't often do, often i just pretend i didn't notice a person a once knew and continue walking or just straight up avoid him or her by hiding or something. eheh

bleh seems like everyone is moving to tumblr now...internet trends move freaking fast man..
findapix > xanga > myspace > facebook> blogger > twitter > tumblr ...
i'm probably missing some but pretty much most of the social networking things that has passed since i've discovered the internet.

but i'm not that much into photography and don't go out enough to have a cool photolog of my life. anyway, i barely switched to blogger from xanga which i've been using since 03 this past july. too bad i deleted all my old entries from xanga, i always wanted to read how stupid i sounded and how my days went. though i wish the photo upload thing could be better intergrated into the posting page...i'll live with this.

so anyway i finally see my grades for fall

english 100/ lab - A / Pass
statistics 18- W (eheh)
oceanography (geol12)- A
world politics (polisci6)- B (in the process of hoping my teacher reconsiders my grade >_<)

I hope in spring it'll be like that except without the W.
i'll be taking statistics again but at ELAC and hopefully do much better than that crap i faced with kim @ pcc, blarg!
What can i anticipate next month?

MW - [elac] polisci2 12:10-1:35pm
TTh - [pcc] eng1a 7-9:05am
T- eng lab 10-10:55am
TTh - [elac] stats 5:35-7:40pm
F - [pcc] hist25b 12-3pm

i also have math lab at elac to take, which i assume i'll have to fulfill the hours on my own i'll somehow fit that in.

and somehow fit work with my open availability of
MW 2:15-6pm
TTh 1:30-5pm
F- Off

It is my day off tommorow. Gotta find something to do, i'm kind of yearning to learn but at the same time i know it'll be kicking me in the ass when the time comes. i don't really have any pictures blah~~ but lets see what i can fetch.
taken from lisa's tumblr/dslr and touched up by me. xmas eve hangout, i look like crap and have a flat ass facee

i had a haircut, this was before it... and i was playing around with my gray lenses.

pucker up!~ i look sicck fucking pale.

weighed myself earlier...152lbs. still look!! but i shall persist. 8 or so pounds to goal weight!

so yeah. i better go to sleep...4:39am....7:39am in the east coast, where it is supposedly freezing. brrrr~~~zzz


  1. Rubix cube... I couldn't solve one if my life depended on it lol. I also made a Tumblr recently, but I feel like I'm just posting random pictures and songs and nothing really of substance... bleh, I miss Xanga! (but no one I know uses it anymore)

  2. yeah..rubix cubes...i won't see that kid till monday so s'all good...>_>
    i probably won't get a tumblr unless i get a DSLR or a camera with a good lens, which won't be happening anytime soon.

    i liked xanga but it never really did anything to improve on itself besides give more storage space. i don't like how they placed google ads on my page and that would only benefit them....atleast with blogger i actually have my own page with no ads at all. i wish blogger had a reply to the reply notify about comments..zz.

  3. typo. it happens. i'll fix it later.
    and all the korean i know was typed from my lesson, hah.