Thursday, January 14, 2010


심심해...심심해,심심해. ㅠ ㅠ;...
no one chat with...corporate greed has made my basic cable television extremely boring. all the good channels (cnn, E!, comedy central,travel channel...[well thats what i primarily watch]) have moved to another package/moved up the channel spectrum,basically forcing customers to move up a package or be stuck with this boring crap. basically...basic channels and alot of spanish channels. fuzzy cartoon network and discovery channel, history channel, and are the only channels worth mentioning...everything else is boring. AIIII!! if they pull the chinese channels from the HD receiver, then my family might as well just live without cable. i can watch most of my shows on hulu anyway...

i think my song died... time to change songs again, i guess...
i'll go back to khalil fong-hong dou, i'm in an acoustic music mood anyway.

it kind of annoys me that i don't look my age...not only that, being short doesn't help...i guess i'll learn to appreciate it when i'm 30...and i should do some research into journalism so i can be a handsome and popular news anchor like anderson cooper,who's in his 40s. *dreams on*

on a bright side, i am drastically cutting down on my consumption of soda.
since this PSA from NY has struck me....if you drink 1 can of soda a day = 10lbs to my waistline over the course of a year....i won't give up soda completely but yeah...just sugar filled teas which is probably just as bad but not equal to soda...maybe it'll help me lose some pudge as well. workout progress...

...still some jiggle in the lower abs,barely any abs and major jiggly love handles...not attractive U_U. need more chest and arms as well . can't give up naoooooo or all those protein shakes i've consumed for the past 5 months will go to waste lol.

today i went to the bank and then picked up a milk tea, king sized snickers bar, and a stick of concealer for my dark circles and acne scars. no work til monday...tommorow afternoon i'll be hanging with my bud lisa, pretty pictures will be posted then.


  1. almost there! i see a semi 6 pack!

  2. I just wanted to say I thought the guy in your header was TOP from Big Bang. Lol.