Wednesday, January 27, 2010

it hurts.

my face hurts. me, i know you're the only real god that truly exists D:
oprah will fix everything. oprah, OPRAH, OPRAH!!!

fml, a student asked me why i had pimples and if everyone gets them. it's that bad U_U;...but yeah, that kid always asks the most trivial questions. half of the time, they can't be answered without using a search engine.

so anyway, i changed my top and bottom banner because the overall crappy job i did in photoshop with my previous one wasn't satisfying me. the color scheme is still the same, i like to keep my text black. photos from Prada menswear First Spring by Yang Fudong‎ - Spring/Summer 2010. i did a crappy job on the bottom banner but eh, i've lost touch with photoshop. the only thing i know how to use well is the heal brush.

i finally got my doraemon slippers from my secret santa, anessa! whom i don't really know but yeah i left a thank you post it on her cubby as i left work on monday. a little small but i can wear em, wee~! only a few people know that i have a small collection of doraemon stuff or that i even like that blue cat. heheh

well anyway to end my night, MY WHACK ASS DVD BURNER!!

i don't know how it has become that way...but long as it works. an easier way to have it pop out is to go to my computer > right click the drive and click on eject, but it will still bounce back and forth for awhile before it actually opens. Oiii i'll try replugging everything when i dust out my desktop sometime. doubt it'll fix anything.

i will now go indulge in more cinnamon rolls from albertson's. god they're delicious, not good for my goal to burn off the 'stubborn fat' in my lower abs. but whatever, a 6 pack doesn't make a man...~_~


  1. you flipped your slippers backwards! hahah :P
    cute though! :)

  2. wow they DO look small. they look like they were made for little kids. :(