Monday, February 15, 2010

woo president's day i'll type a short entry.
i got some red envelopes...woo. i don't even get much but atleast i won't have to get any cash back from my paychecks for awhile. so more money in my checking account for my eventual ipod touch and DSLR.

still in a battle to lose my ugly stubborn fat/gut. blehhh~ i will do some cardio tonight, i haven't done much cardiovascular exercises in a week. i think it's beginning to show because my mom said i looked "fatter" the other day >_>;;. yesteday, i spent most of my afternoon at my relative's house. my cousin gave me a shirt from hollister for some reason...i guess it's because her husband didn't want it or something but oh well, i can't complain. free clothes! :d ...still smells like hollister too lol, i love the smell of the store but i would never want to smell like the store itself. while i was at my relative's house playing with my little cousin because there is nothing else to do. i had to avoid giving him candy since i gave him my lollipop anyway. my aunty took out a box of chocolates and my little cousin kept wanting one, even though i said they had nuts in them so that he didn't want any. because we all know sugar makes children go crazy. i saw that he had chalk so i said "lets go outside and draw!" and yeah...spent most of my afternoon outside drawing animals and parking spots for everyone in the family LOL -___-. here are some of them.

notice i spelled grandpa wrong and tried to fix it. i also drew a crappy tiger and a "mommy and baby" elephant, labeled like 3 other cars, drew a marker and pencil, and yeahh...i'm such an awful artist hahah! i use to love drawing too...

personally, i wouldn't have bought this but it's nice of my cousin to give it to me...>_> i don't think brown bears would ever appear on a beach but doraemon is making a grab for it D:

i guess i can change my age in my profile box now, technically it's my brithday in the east coast D:


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