Saturday, March 27, 2010

now i'm all gone~

bored...i'll start on my 2nd english essay draft in an hour or so.

it's spring break at my ghetto-er community college, so i don't have class monday or wednesday woo...I'll be working on the study guide for my women in society class those days. I'm going to be HELLA prepared on friday. yezzir! my primary community college's spring break isn't until next month. blehh~ i got an 88/100 on my latest stats test! wooo! i really need to keep doing well...especially since my teacher knows my name and pays attention to me, i don't want to disappoint...= _ =.

hopefully i did pretty good on my comparative politics test because i really need to stop getting D's like i did on my quizzes. >__>....after that test on wednesday, i had to finish this movie about genocide in rwanda because of ethnic conflicts. it's kind of an old touchy subject...can't believe the UN withdrew like that...they couldn't shoot back at the ethnic majority because they're peacekeepers but they wouldn't take them as refugees out of the country or give them a quick death by gunshot to avoid getting killed by machete either..behh.

so anyway, the local missha store is closing and everything is on clearance now. well i think it's officially closed now but yeah. my uh relative called my mom and told her to go check it out and my mom stocked up on a buncha shit she uses. i went by myself a week or so later after my mom did to see if i can get anything for myself because i didn't want to use my mom's money. i ended stocking up on some moisturizer because i just ran out of my other one the "illuminating homme" one. i kind of regret buying so much though because compared to the "illuminating homme" one, these are kind of thicker and the bottle is shaped like a dam flask and doesn't come with a pump _ _"! so it doesn't like drip out like the other one did...oh well...

23.99 -> 11.99 x 3 + 50% off... some stuff was 70% off
the girl at the counter basically spoke cantonese to me first, then mandarin, and then me nodding alot. lol.

i looked on the table in the living today and noticed i got mail from ebates! my cashback check for my DSLR purchase came! :D 12.66$! i got 5$ just for joining so it added to my cashback of like 7$. now i just gotta wait for my bing cashback of like 30$ and i'll be a little more happy inside lol. especially with my shitty paychecks, paying for my dad and my own phone to keep the service working, and my spending of money AHH.

my workschedule has shifted from mon. & wednesdays to mon. & i lose out on another hour of work because i have to leave at 5 to go to my night class. blurg...i don't really like it but what can you poor little 1st-3rd graders can't mooch food off me like they usually do on mondays anymore either because my pickups changed. loll on tuesday i picked them up without food and i was freaking starving, after i dropped them off at work i went to do my 2nd pickup and drove us to mcd's where i split a 20 piece chicken mcnugget with a 7th grader named Joanna. when i found out what my job was on tuesday (which was to help the 1st-2nd graders) everyone was like omggg mcdonalds @_@. lol...since i didn't have any space to sit in either classrooms i sat in the open area where the chinese class usually is but it was tuesday so class wasn't in session. during snack time some kids sat on my table...ughh lol. which consisted of this kid picking up my phone and saying "can i play with your phone?"..."well you already took it"..."i wanna take pictures"

uhh...~and then another kid comes "peter, can i play with your laptop?"..."no~you brought your flash drive?"..."no but i wanna play something else"..."no"..."then can i have a mcnugget?".."fine, don't tell anyone i gave it to you"

and then another kid comes "peter, can i play with your laptop? you let him play with your phone"..."no...he just took my phone and it isn't freeplay anyway"...*he proceeds to go through my backpack*

AHH..."can i have gum?"..."no, you aren't suppose to chew it here anyway"...i see my chewy bar..."you can have this though".."ok!"

still getting my picture taken...

continuing on my journey to getting a hot body.

with my other camera..
i can't seem to get a good picture..arg...but it's okay because just makes me strive to go even farther. more chest...less pudge...awful farmers tan...huhu...

an outfit from this week...which i've actually kind of worn in the past with a different shirt.... found a similar picture in my picasa album...but i won't post it again.

i like my webcam method more...looks better.

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