Saturday, April 17, 2010

DIY Shirt Cutting

HAI GUYZ~ imma doo a tutorial today....
okay no... not really.

bored...woo! events in LA today o-O
-White supremacists, demonstrators square off in LA

"A white supremacist group salutes American flags and banners with swastikas at Los Angeles City Hall on Saturday, April 17,2010. Hundreds of counter-protestors carrying anti-Nazi signs have gathered in downtown Los Angeles where a white supremacist group is rallying. (AP Photo/Richard Vogel)"

i'm stupid or something, i didn't think white supremacy groups existed in southern california because all i see are like mexicans and chinese people. kind of sickening....when i was in middle school i got to tour the LA city hall, there was this top balcony was so cool...this lady gave me this flyer about a protest against them...i was like hmm..thanks...

-Jaime Escalante Funeral Service...who i respect very much because he is an amazing teacher and all...but it made my parking situation at school very horrid. atleast i didn't get a parking ticket but yes...not a memorable saturday to get some lab hours at school.

-Cherry Blossom Festival...which i didn't go to...just noticed more cars on this one way i go to school than usual.
i went last year but that was for some dumb shit for class. my "cultural" encounter.

i had my 3rd statistics test on thursday! i got 100% fucker! fuck my last statistics teacher! 3 more tests to do well in and i'm destined for an A in the class.
i got my history paper back. i got a B+ on it (meh~). the issue was that i used an referenced an outside source, but it was dumb...because the prompt said something you notice gender inequality or body language in our society?...yes i did, so i referenced a source to show that i did notice it. so at the end i asked my professor if it counted against me but she assured me that it didn't and i was just like...oh...okay thanks...*walks out of class*

yesterday i finally got around doing a cut off shirt or whatever the fuck they are called. as worn by hyori here:

i always wanted to do one but i dont know...i feel bad destroying clothes because i could donate them instead...

fake bape tshirt

into hotter fake bape tshirt!


i learned to...iron the shirt first, i then used a tank as a stencil and used a pencil for really light clothes or a yellow crayon for dark clothes, check if both sides are even, and cut! now you don't have to be all weird about your nipples showing (or atleast i don't LOL~). i think i'm going to join this dance thing tommorow...i need a social life anyways...eck i am going to be so damn rusty lol.


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