Monday, April 12, 2010

we just don't care (x 2)

felt like listening to some john legend. ah this rain is getting louder and louder...i should really get some work done but i'm here blogging waiting to shower. >___>

so anyway, the week has barely started and i don't really have anything to write. this is more of a picture post of my EOS V205LB, mostly for ami but sure! i can mention you too (the reader). :)~

my new lenses are....very bold and fake looking. comfort eyes started hurting after like 30 minutes. i'll stick with the other 5 circle lenses that i never wear. LOL so yeah, i think i'm done with circle lenses. i felt like it was halloween.

i don't really like posting pictures of myself on my blog that involves my face but eh~what the fuck.
i look like i have snake eyes or i look like a cat...because i have single eyelids and more almond-y eyes...oh and my skin does not look like that in person, so don't compliment it...compliment the photoshop lol~ i think i am clearing up but at the same time i still have acne but my face doesn't hurt as much as it did. even with photoshop, you can still see the splotchyness...especially when i got lazy towards the end. if you have good eyes, you can see the poor blur job i did to my face lol.

so if i set the ISO high + sunlight . they look like this.

they look more like this under natural light.

looks like a snake, doesn't it?

my fat face.

these were taken when the sun was setting so they aren't the best. my room got really orange and stuff.

they can look good too i guess..

ahhh so much of my face. lol
well one thing i wanted to express was that i've been reading this blog skincare for men and i've planned what to buy for my face in the next coming weeks. i'm partially already doing what the user advocates but i want to kind of fully follow it?

in the skincare 101 and fading acne scars thing, the blogger strongly advises the use of sunscreen (which i'm already doing) and i don't think i'll ever want to be tan ever again. he also says how beneficial AHA and BHA is and i already kind of knew, but this just supports it even more so hopefully this will help my strive for a clear face. so here is stuff i want to buy!

i also want to buy alot of summer shirts and crap but i'll save that for next time. i don't want to get all impulsive. >__>

class in 11 hours! i think i can wear my boots to school tommorow! WOOO~


  1. Heck yeah! Circle lens pix for me!! Yo I think they look awesome... I mean, yes you can tell that they're lenses, but that's the point,to make your eyes pop, right? Ugh it's a shame they're so uncomfortable... and btw I saw some of these pics on your fb earlier and was about to compliment your skin LOL. PS ftw.

    Btw I really want your camera. So much. Orrr a Panasonic Lumix would be fine too hehe.

    As for skincare, I don't know if you've seen my mini raves on Soompi lately, but I bought Dr. Jart+ Silver Label and it's absolutely the best skin product I currently own. Nothing has ever helped control my oily T-zone this well before or so visibly refined the quality of my skin. LOVE IT.

    And yes, sunscreen every day! Forever! Dr. Jart+ already has spf 35, but since it's summertime now and since I'm damn pale, I feel like I need more sun protection than that. So I bought a sample of Shiseido's Spf 55 Ultimate Sun Protection Lotion on eBay yesterday because I read good reviews that say it doubles as a primer and also helps control sebum production. If it does turn out to be that good then I'll invest in the full size product later.

    Woah, exceptionally long comment O_O Sorry, it's nearly 6am here and I haven't slept yet. Bahahahaha. Ok, gonna to to sleep now...

  2. it looks good on you!! yay youre wearing the shirt i got you :)

  3. Hi!

    I just stumbled across your blog. I hope this isn't too weird ^^;; ... well I really like your blog so I'm going to follow you. I love seeing fashion and purchase posts. You have nice style and shut up, you look awesome in these ps-ed pics ok. Btw, my name is Chung, peace ~~