Thursday, May 20, 2010

but nothing comes close to the golden coast

once you party with us~ you'll be fallin' in love uh uh uh ove~

tireddd. i go to mcd's to get breakfast every tuesdays and thursdays and whenever i want a mocha frappe i dread the old asian lady taking my order. i think i speak pretty clear...but she always puts my mocha frappe order as an iced mocha. i said FRAP-PAY NOT COFFEE OR CAFE...or whatever the hell she hears coming out of my mouth. ARRRGH *throws cup against wall*

eh~ it's friday now. i went to class and discussed this book and watched a video on the invention and impact of 'the pill'. i can't believe i read 117 pages of a book in rougly 1.5 hours. that is an accomplisment for me who hates reading haha. my chest is sore from working out yesterday...not exactly sure why but cool...

on wednesday i watched this radio dj (?) talk about women in afghanistan and political stuff. stuff i didn't already know. my teacher also said everyone did bad on our test and is making us retake it on monday...SIGH! i refuse to believe that only one person (the token smart ass kid) did good on it. i couldn't have done THAT bad...AHH!

well anyway my asos order finally arrived. yay.

i also present to you, ninja squirrel.


recently, i was changing the solution to all the circle lenses i have and never wear and found my probably only favorite pair was messed up. HUHU one lens was all dried up inside the case so i resoaked it and it actually took shape again and i gathered the balls to wear it again. i guess it's cool to wear again! hah.

so yeah..fucking around with my camera and whoring my new faux leather jacket

that is all.


  1. I absolutely love cardigans on guys. =) should model with it, looks real nice.

  2. yea it is i guess, but he's actually 12 years younger than me. And I'm not really near my twenties yet :P

  3. Hello Peter, I'm a new follower =) Love the leather jacket! (and David Choi) =D