Saturday, May 15, 2010

is my love your drug?

i am so bored.
i wanted to finish my lab hour requirement but my laziness got the best of me. i went for a little less than an hour and a half and have 1 hour and 2 minutes to get 15 hours in. i tried to get some reading done for my women's history class but all i ended up doing was reading which essay prompt i wanted to do and then went on soompi and gizmodo...

i got my 2nd essay back for my women's history class i got a C+/B- on it...AHH FUCK ME. i like writing but yeah...that essay...i forget what the hell i'm writing even worse blow is this girl that sits next to me all the time got a better grade on the same prompt and previously got a better grade than me on the test too...i'll be so disappointed if i end up with a C in that class..-__-

this week...kind of hectic...
for mother's day i spent most of my evening typing my portion of a group paper due for comparative politics class and guess what? only 2 of us finished our portion and the ones you expected to finish first because they're on student council and shit didn't even reply to their own plans to finish it early! what kind of lame ass shit is that! i bet we'll get some dumb apology through email tommorow

juggled my english paper and math homework with late night dance practices. managed to complete them though! go me. not sure how i did on my stats test because i didn't really fully understand the concept but i hopefully did well. after my test i initially planned to leave class without helping my professor help correct our tests but my guilt made me ask him if he still needed help and that i could only stay until 7:30 and i'd have to leave immediately after. _ _~

after dance practice ended around midnight on thursday i went home and dyed my hair and corrected my essay for english as i let the dye set. it's not as nice looking since i dyed black hair with a dark brown dye...the previous entry hair was dyed over a brighter color. i look like i have discretely brown hair but under light it looks lighter than that?...ah i dunno...i just want my hair to grow out hah. i would go lighter but i dont want to have to dye my brows..or fuck them up like i did last year lol.

can't even tell right? hah doesn't look even either..

why i bought the oil blotting sheets when i still have an unopened pack at home? i don't know...i don't like buying just one item...this will lead to my self destruction

i also bought from since i'm running out of panoxyl...20% bing cashback? how can i not...i actually thought i wouldn't be able to get it because i didn't see the cashback coin on the screen but it is pending now...hopefully i can claim my 10$ back.

BHA+ Vitamin E+ SPF 15 moisturizers, 10% benzoyl peroxide acne stuff from panoxyl, anti oxidant serum, peel mask i'll probably never use

STILL WAITING FOR MY PACKAGE FROM ASOS!! T___T i hope it is not lost in the mail.
ash clouds are spewing out from iceland again.

yesterday ended bittersweet as new and old highschool friends parted ways to resume our regular lives once again. i kind of hated highschool but it was kind of what made me what i am today so i can't hate it too much. looking back... i lied to everyone and said i would go to prom and i didn't go (later finding out that i could've went with a nice girl and maybe things could've been different) but eh~not a big deal and i could've possibly graduated college sooner...all the things i could've done......

so anyway, back to my talented group of friends and my unworthiness
oh the things i do to see my good friends and go back to HS.

our beloved dance teacher on the left!

oh man i did SO bad at the end. like insanely bad you can totally spot me
i did this like every weekend in parts for 4 weeks! not enough time....T^T
+ i haven't done any serious dancing in 2 years >__> i'm too cheap to take classes to learn cool choreo

my outfit was basically this with a maroon shirt over it.

as seen here with jackieee

i admire her so much ^^. i'm stupid and forgot to put my camera on autofocus for the longest time and took a bunch of blurry so stupid of me. i look horrible in there an ugly witch horrible

i also forgot to mention i was like the third wheel to like 7 couples at dinner. talk about the most awkward position ever. being single sucks sometimes
i think that was all i wanted to type..time to shower!


  1. then if it's that, are you the one at the right? (on the dance clip :P)

  2. oh and your hair's great, having hair like that makes you a sweet guy :) ~well that's my opinion :O

  3. for real??? well yeah im looking at the end of the clip, and i notice the guy at the right was off :P
    so you didnt do bad then if you're the left guy :P
    okok fine i'm blind and i dont have good eyes tsk tsk xP

  4. Hi there! I've just stumbled on your blog! Woah, you have good-looking face ne! o(^-^)o

    From Rabbito ♥ ☆ラビトのブログ☆