Sunday, June 27, 2010

like the little school mate in the school yard...

we'll play jacks and uno cards. i'll be your best friend and you'll be my valentine.

and once you party with us, you'll be be falling in love OH AH OH AH OH AH OHHH

while i wait for my turn to shower i guess i'll type about my saturday and whatever since it is sunday now...zzz
tommorow i need to remember to buy more whey protein...running low. sad, i want to try another brand with more mix at a cheaper price but i'm insanely scared of what happened the last time i did...i had really bad cystic acne and refused to believe that the protein mix was the cause of my acne...

on friday my package from came! yeyyy i can finally get back to using serum after i shower.

4 tubes of "Even-Tone Face Serum" so far so good, i guess. no itching or anything. it doesn't even have a distinct smell, unlike the other one i bought which smelled really good O_O. kim kardashian is in the background because i am bored out of my mind at home and catching up on "keeping up with the kardashians" because my cable company yanked E! off my tv.

today(saturday) in toronto, there was a riot because of the g20! damn i wish i went this year instead of last year. even though the g20 summit is suppose to be about economic development and shizz. the only exciting thing last year was the garbage and all i would hear is my canada relatives whining about throwing waste that easily rots into shrubs and when the hell it would end.

well anyway, i am on the west coast and ate with one of my bestest friends today (probably during or wayy after the riot). i haven't seen her in like 6+ months. i'm so glad to have a nice lunch with someone who isn't my brother or mom for once. i shall start with some beautiful pictures i took~ hubba hubba hubba.

anna's dish, sea bass on organic greens.

my dish, satay beef noodles. i believe that is the name or something similar. i chose the egg noodles (which are hopefully more protein less carbs...)

passion fruit iced tea with unlimited refills and my beautiful friend in the background. lol

so i took anna to my favorite chinese place so far, which is green zone. it's like fusion chinese and i don't know what it's suppose to be fused with but also everything is suppose to be organic, which is a plus since anna has been getting fit and making an effort to lose weight for her sister's wedding. i think it's pretty noticeable, kudos to her!

i can't stress how good it feels to be around someone who is probably going to be single for a long time like me. we just don't really care for relationships. everyone i know has been finding boyfriends and girlfriends and i just feel like i don't belong for once in a long while it's not mcd's, in n out, or pho for lunch. yay... :)

well anyway, after we ate i asked if we want to go to the park since i brought my camera and all and anna was like sure why not. we need to walk off our lunch anyway. we actually went like maybe 2 or so years back to the same park with another friend but she has a boyfriend now (for like 2 years) and we haven't really spoken since which is kind of bittersweet. it's not like we have a grudge or anything, but that she moved forward in her life while i guess me and anna are moving at a much slower pace? i don't know, but i hope she's having a good time in hawaii if she's reading this. FB is great for knowing everyone's business lol. no one knows my business because no one gives a shit about me LOL but they can know what i'm doing by being curious enough to read my blog heh. i'd post the old pictures but they are utterly embarassing and ugly, so no. too lazy to put my url in the pictures...oh well you can't really see my face in much of them anyway.

i look so goddamn fat and massive here. anna hasn't tried a DSLR until today so yeah. lol thanks! you shit ass, piece of crap photographer!

okay i should start with the park first.

sorry if you hate the film effect done to the digital pictures, but i just love the mood it sets. i'm surprised not that many people were at the park but that's a good thing for us, especially when we're being stupid and all.

i'm so creative. lol.

and some other random ass pictures.

not my purse. not my purse. not my purse. ms photographer was going nuts with the camera.

not my purse. lol. chitty chitty bang bang!! *imagines explosions and aliens in the background*

not my purse.

here's a cute picture or two, i guess.

afterwards, i drove to get boba and anna got us these thingers. they're cooked in this metal thinger and smell really nice but these were cold. i don't know what they're called so yeah...i'm a shitty chinese. i have a freaking hairy hand. yeahhh

then i proceeded to drive us home and waved at her mama when i dropped her off.

more of these to come (hopefully).
oh friend, how i missed you. :)


  1. hey i was wondering what whey protein you're using currently and which brand caused the acne cuz i'm scared about what to buy with so many choices out there lol

  2. Cute photo edits!

    I was listening to your playlist as usual, and then I happened to hear The Script - The Man Who Can't Be Moved... that's one of my favorite songs! Hahaha. I think it has about 400 play counts on my computer.

    & thanks for the tips / link to your playlist!! I'm going to look into what I possibly eat. But I think the main source of my acne is my lack of sleep. :C

  3. aughh hard to communicate by commenting my own blog

    @tom, i've been using body fortress 100% whey which can be found at walmart. it's about 15$ for 2lbs and i've been using it for almost over a year now. the type that gave me bad acne is mixed protein, which is not JUST whey but also soy and another kind of protein. it was 30$ for 6lbs and i don't recall the brand but it was labeled as premium protein. god i was so cheap. it's sold @ costco but they changed it recently with a muscle milk one, which is also like 6lbs @ 30$. everybody's different though but i'll just stick with 100% whey opposed to mixed protein. there's also gold standard 100% whey. gold standard comes in an array of flavors, i haven't tried it but i've been wanting to. the price per lb doesn't beat the walmart one though.

    @carena, yeahhh i've been trying to add to the list of songs that can be listened to while reading ^ ^. i hella played that song out already but i adore the so regards to diet, i'm probably not the person to ask because i eat fast food almost everyday. i try to cut out as much carbs as possible from what i eat, so it'd be fries but i still have the burger with bun. if you want to eat wheat, i think eating grains and granola stuff is fine...lots of protein rich foods and veggies for me.i <3 soda...i'll never cut that out of my life lol. i lack sleep too...i've made sleeping at 4am a routine. even when i had 7am class, i would try to sleep at 3 and just lay there till the sun rose into the sky -.-...i get like a good 6 hours of sleep maybe 3 times a week? zzz