Monday, August 16, 2010


bored. i don't know how to feel right now. i'm tired but it is too early. my little cousin visited me earlier this evening. it's so cute hearing some excited little five year old run up the stairs saying my name and random babbling.

recapping back on my week...

driving and taking a picture. dangerous, i know. it looks nicer in person...but it was a nice clear day and i brought my DSLR to work. driving up and down hills suck major nuts but great views.
funny awkward moment at work.
this student and i were pretending this chinese jump rope was a giant sling shot and i shot it at the ceiling. i did not know it was going to do that. we just stared at each other with 'oh fuck...' expressions on our faces. did you know i rule at chinese jump rope because now i can hella jump and smash the rope with my big-ish wide feet. LOL.
but it isn't always happy...-___-! during the slinging. i let these 2 girls play with my laptop and my retarded self allowed this girl to eat her little dried ramen snack around my computer and a bit of it got under my laptop keyboard. the piece of noodle stopped my key from going all the way down and being the retard that i am, i assumed a laptop keyboard was like a regular keyboard where you can pop out a key and easily put it back it. it's actually not hard to put back now that i fixed it but it's definitely not like a regular keyboard.
never eat or let anyone eat around your laptop... _ _!!
it's basically 2 plastic hinges that hold up the key. since i forced the key out, i broke a bit of the hinge which forced me to super glue the empty gap to the piece of metal sticking up (top right). i let it dry standing and my computer looks fine now but the 'V' button isn't as like springy as the other keys. fuckin' aye...i'm going to stop being to nice with my computer and junk when i'm at work...While i was trying to fix it at work i was so mad but this cute little student cheered me up a bit as i was cleaning up the room. she went 'i fixed it!!' and then i touched the key and it went out of place again after multiple attempts and she just giggled and laughed adorably. bleh you silly girl...i wouldn't mind having a daughter like her too! she's hecka cute. she rocks the whole straight bangs long hair look very well hahah. i totally need to take a picture with her this week because it's the last week of summer camp! can't believe the 8th week has already approached...

so yeah...if i ever consider getting a netbook, i'll just give my laptop to my parents to learn how to use a computer. it'll be like "HERE YA GO MOM AND DAD!! YOUR VERY FIRST COMPUTER!!" lol. which isn't sad because my laptop is actually more powerful than my brother's shitty computer which is still running a P4 processor. spec's even better than my desktop...well except for the HD size probably. i don't even use my laptop much besides taking notes at school but it's not even that great for notes. my laptop is mostly notes in MS one note, a huge chunk of music from my desktop, and other junk (firefox, aim, itunes).

i went to korea town for dinner last night to celebrate my coworkers 22nd brithday. it was my first time going there actually. i'm such a deprived person lol. i'm a retard too because driving on the freeway all i concentrated on exiting normandie (?) and assumed that when i turned right it would turn into western ave because the sign just pointed right and said KOREA TOWN. i arrived in the general area about 25 minutes early but i was like 2 blocks from the actual restaurant. i'm such a

dinner was nice. it wasn't really worth the 21$ i paid but i don't eat kbbq much and it was a special occasion. the people i sat around were nice and it wasn't as awkward as the dinner i had back in may with some other people. + i've never had squid, octopus, and intestines in kbbq yet. they were really lacking on the ban chan (side dish) department but ah watevers. the place was really upscale looking compared to others i've been to. lemme take a pic from yelp.
and here are my small. there's alot more clearer in the full size :)
for full size: click
one thing i didn't really like during dinner was how my coworker would say how i love korean stuff. i mean...yeah i can't deny that i like korean stuff but i like to make a clear distinction that i don't worship korea or koreans whenever that comes up and that i listen to everything. the place jammed english and kpop songs loudly all night. like every other song would be a kpop song and if it wasn't it'd be like michael buble (?) or watever the fuck is similar. they even played really recent kpop songs too, like son dambi 'queen' and orange caramel 'magic girl' and shit but i hate those songs especially. i love my dose of pop music but i'm more of an R&B person.

afterwards, my coworker really wanted me to go to a bar called 'brass monkey' or something but it was literally like a white people bar in korea town for karoke. not only that, but the bar required each person to buy 2 drinks or  pay 15$ for her table and i'm like down for one drink but not two because i know one drink can't take my 155~160lb self down...but then again i'm asian and asians have low tolerance for alcohol (supposedly...but i have an hella alcoholic dad and relative? lol...)...hmm. either way, i avoided it and i'm not going to sing in a bar infront of everyone. i'm all up for some noraebang though. next time.

our table with a note so we can't possibly miss our table.
elizabeth in english and hangeul
well finally i wore my polo from 'cotton on' that i got for 5 dollazzz YEYYUHH. i regret not also getting it in grey and this vest that was 15$ when i found that polo now :(
left a jacket in the car incase it got cold after dinner and good thing i did.
can't believe someone reblogged this on tumblr...i dont like my mouth hahah...
on my way home from korea town, i passed by the staples center once more and it was so pretty with all the skyscrapers and junk all lit up. i actually wished there was gridlock so i could try and take a picture of what i saw but sadly i couldn't. i actually tried but i just got a bunch of worms made of light. i'll go back though! next saturday i'll be having a downtown adventure with some friends. i plan to go to pershing square, LA Live, and i don't know what else...maybe macarthur park if public transport stops close enough.

i made my 600th post on tumblr, so i decided to upload a pic of my face since i don't like whoring my face often. i bought a darker foundation recently to try and contour my jaw and i literally look like i just took the tan from my neck and brought it up to my cheeks. god i fail can probably tell in the picture with a mix of the shittyness that is my webcam.
i bought some junk from missha on the 11th or 12th as well but it's just 2 hair waxes, 2 cleansers, and 3 serums for 41$ free shipping and no tax. not bad, not bad. maybe i'll take a pic of it when it arrives on wednesday. no bowling last week D: ...i hope to get triple digit this week!! D:


  1. The food from Korea town looks so delicious!:D
    I wanna try kbbq one day too!(:
    And I like you outfit,
    the jacket looks really good on you!^-^

    & You should take a picture of all the missha products when they arrive!hehe~ :)

    Btw; Great blog, i just found it!^-^/

  2. just wanted to tell you thank you for introducing that awesome cover of khalil : )

  3. You've got a nice blog! Great layout(photos)<3

  4. i love reading your blog posts :)

  5. you've visited toronto before? D:
    are you coming back anytime soon?

  6. OMG. your shirt is full of awesome! please tell me where you got it????

    also about the key.. yes I know how frickin hard it is to put it back.. I had to google the directions and try to put it back in by hooking it together and putting it at precisely the right position for it to be fixed. :(

    btw, thank you for helping me discover a good Korean song: When You Feel Love. now, if only I could try and find a download link online..!

    how's this for a long comment.