Saturday, August 7, 2010

gonna be alright, don't worry tonight

fook! boredom! trying the newly updated entry typer thing. 2 more weeks of summer camp left. woop woop! my boss asked everyone if they would be interested in a trip to vegas before after school starts. i'm so tempted but at the same time...i don't know, i might expect too much and be disappointed in going to sin city. (+ i don't know if we'd be driving ourselves or what. it may be too late to call shotgun). they want to party in a luxury home, so sleeping there would be like 75-125$ for the trip. i don't know if i'm willing to fork that over haha.

so yeah...another week has passed. on monday, i was out looking for food coloring around 8pm because i totally forgot to buy stuff that was going to be used in scientific experiment class the day after. i just needed food coloring and i'm damn cheap. i looked for it at dollar tree and big lots and came up with nothing. i ended up going to albertson's for it and it was freaking 5.99$. jesus! i complained to a friend about that and he told me that the legitly branded 99 cents store actually carries it. FML! oh well! i'll get reimbursted for it but i still want to help out my workplace and have them pay the least possible amount. we did this experiment, which got boring REAL fast but many of the kids that weren't in it was like "wao so cool".

on my way to big lots, some staples employee randomly walked up next to me and asked where i bought my jacket. so weird...i just never think things like that would happen to me in person. i guess he must've really wanted something like it. he found it strange that i got it from pacsun but that's where i got it from. sadly, pacsun online's free shipping minimum has gone from 40$ to 85$. i don't think i'll buy anything from there for a looong time now because of it. the pacsun image isn't really my style but i find some good crap there sometimes.

on wednesday, i went bowling again with my boss and 2 other coworkers. i got SO much better. i was beating my boss for a short while too. it sadly didn't end that way. i was still last lol. FML. my boss paid for our dinners though. so nice of him ^ ^.

i look funny...
gahhh! i also shaved the sides of my head (as always). i can never commit to saying that i'd grow out my hair.
what i consider to be a close game. lol
nothing else really happened...
on friday, i got my I *HEART* NY shirt from a soompi friend.she packaged her envelope so nicely compared to mine.
i wore it out to get donuts from my friend's mom because she always calls my house to get it whenever she has any. -__-! my mom ended up bringing it to work and leaving it out for others to eat. it was a pink box full of donut holes. there was no glaze or anything, so my mom just sprinkled sugar on top.
at work, it was my turn to do group competitions with all the students because everyone should value teamwork and cheer on people that you aren't normally friends with. i basically just bought a bunch of balloons and my coworkers made up the competition rules. my boss and i inflated the waterballoons and volunteers took the regular balloons while my other two coworkers set up the course. there's nothing much to explain. here's some cute pictures.
i feel like i'm typing way too much and posting too many pictures these days, so much to the point that my internet stops loading pictures after like 5. i don't know if should use page breaks or just leave it as it is, but with my page loading 2 entries per page. hmmm...

i bought 2 pairs of jeans after lunch with my brother today for myself and i bought him a hoodie. i'm so good to that douchebag. -__-
(i think) i'm officially done with jeans now. i have enough various colors to mix and match now heheheh..and i will NOT get any fatter!!

working with kids is so fun and tiring at the same time. i think it also prepares me when it comes to being a dad (if that ever happens). i may or may not be taking the teaching route later in life, but i don't hate kids to the point where i'd just quit. well anyway, my workplace has so many cute kids that i've always wanted to show my friends how i'd want my kids to look like. here's one of them.
so cute!!
i'd want my boy to look like him lol. i'd want my little girl to look like this little diligent girl. cute, pretty, pays attention and does her work without anyone telling her to, she's like the perfect daughter (her older sister is also that good. they have some amazing ass parents or something).
i look like crap and it was "sports day", hence the jersey. 
ahah it's so fun to say hi to these active little boogers.
well anyway, i like the caption option for posting pictures now. if only they would integrate the picasa web album with the posting image button.


  1. aww *jealous* if you do end up going to vegas. my sis and her bf plans on going during winter break and asked me if i was potentially interested and i go "i'm underage" but anyways, it should be a lot of fun..haha

    food coloring experiment thing looks interesting..:] i'm surprised that..that was your first time being asked where you bought your clothes because you dress pretty decent for a guy :D.

    those bowling pics seems like fun. i probably only went bowling twice in my life and oddly i lost the first time and the second time i beat my friend in both bowling and

    yay! for the i <3 ny t-shirt again..i'm glad it fits pretty btw you have me craving for donuts again -.-...where is dunkin donuts when i want some?

    those kids are sooooo adorable, i'm jealous you get to work with them..psh..oh anyways the colors of those jeans look really nice :D.

    ps. i think this comment is pretty


  2. Wow that kid is frigin cute. I want my kid to like that.

    ...I suck at bowling, which prety much explains why I find it so boring.

  3. I have a friend teaching English in Hong Kong and your kids reminded me of the ones he posted on FB of his class. & the little boy is sooo adorable. If I had a kid like that I could totally see myself babying him XD

  4. It would definitely be something fun to do although not a long term thing unless you want a career in teaching. & really!? I guess maybe it's because it used to be a British colony... but my friend doesn't really have any specific accent... maybe a Canadian one if there is even an accent that can be classified as Canadian.

    Oooh! I hope you'll post pics of your attempt at contouring. It would be neat to see. If you end up really good at it you should make a tutorial to help other guys out.

    Haha! It makes it all the more rewarding after a hard day at work.