Saturday, August 21, 2010

나의 아이들 많이 보고싶다고요...T^T

i just remembered some kid asked me why my lips are so big today and now im just laughing to myself. in my head i was saying...yeah~ i think they're big too...and i just replied "beacuse they are?" lol -__-
ah~ i'm missing all the kids that i won't be seeing for another year already.

i've caught a cold and hacking out flem like a chronic smoking, toothless hooker on her last leg. hope i get better within a week. i hate coughing...and having a scratchy throat

i was suppose to go out with some highschool friends of mine today but some shit happened, so we've rescheduled to next week. i didn't go bowling this week either...

monday was my day off and i went to the mall as usual because i don't know how else to waste a couple hours outside of home. i love finding deals ahhh! but then...the damage to my checking account lol. aiii!
5$ tee and 14.99$ black cotton vest (orig. 30$) ^__^

my package from missha arrived on wednesday. i didn't get to open it until around midnight that night because i went to a surprise potluck for a coworker/friend. watch people play boardgames and say hi to some familiar faces again from the AYCE KBBQ last saturday. i went to my boss's home and played with his doggies prior too. ah i want a dog now...but too much responsibility. seeing my friend's grandma playing a nintendo DS was also kind of strange because my parents can barely operate their cellphones. i don't even think my dad knows how to dial out.
i guess i'll have to type the full name of everything

Procure Transtyle Wax (2) in...
 -Super Solid (5 star + 1star rating for hold and 0 star rating for shine)
 -Extreme Pricky (5 star hold and 0 star shine)
Botanic Garden foaming cleansers in Acerola (2)
Expedition Sebum Away Essence(aka Serum) (3)

if the essence smells anything like the cleanser...the smell is something similar to hollister...

some full sized body mist for free (using it to spray my brothers smelly ass), missha bb cream sample (i have so many of these...i give them to my mom), and a tiny sample of Super Aque emulsion and toner.

all of that is about 61$ + 30% friends and family discount = 41$ + free shipping + no tax
good on skincare for the next couple months

on thursday while on my break from work, i went with 2 other coworkers to a new nearby boba place and ran into a friend i haven't seen since HS and i've known him since i was in elementary school. so awkward yet nice at the same time.

yesterday was the last day of summer camp and now i pretty much have an actual summer. time to sleep in, eat mcdonalds over and over, and make useless trips to the mall over and over again. that is my friend-less life. lol. atleast...until the 30th
i don't have much to say...
on thursday after work, i went to smart and final to buy a big bag of candy for my dance class to thank them. i saw some older coworkers too visiting. i bought a big bag of twix because...i like them. lol well if i have leftovers then i can eat twix opposed to lollipops.

friday morning, i woke up earlyyy...830ish am alarm goes out of my house around 930. got to my work before my class performed

adorable isn't it? i only made up like 1 count of 8...these 2 HS girls made up the rest. i did choose the song if that makes any difference.

the slideshows on the last day is probably my favorite. so many cute pictures. this year they got a actual screen to project on. last year it was like...on huge white butcher
there was also some corny videos by the movie making and drama class. they made a little 'the office' spoof called 'the center' and a spoof of the which team are you on? (edward vs jacob) commercial. that was pretty amusing. 

the rest of the day pretty much consisted of eating, watching kids, taking pictures and signing shirts.
they just asked me to take a picture. no instructions needed lol :D
thinking much?
she sure loves her specs ^ ^
like my lion?!
so cuuuuute
here are some of my favorites.
she's so adorable and always gives me a hug (and then tries to squeeze the crap out of me). not pictured is another girl on the other side squeezing me too (if you notice the pink slipper).
ah my hand is in the way. he's sucha good kid! i'm missing him already!!
don't we look each other a bit? he reminds me of myself when i was little. quiet and not really cool but not really the cootie kid either.
one of my youngest favorites. doesn't he look like me too? LOL except he was blessed with double eyelids and i'm not -__-
squishhhy. he should be my real little brother T__T huhu lol
trouble maker kid but i like him too :]
and to end this entry before i go workout.

oh dear god! a student found me on facebook. if i accept students then i'll have to eliminate anything with curse words and delete links to my tumblr and blogger. i'll also have to clean up my potty mouth. EFF!! i hope friend requests just get stuck there until i either decide to accept or decline LOL. i could then wait till she graduates 8th grade but my brother says it just stays for a month and disappears. well anyway, i accepted her. she's a 7th grader i think. i bet more people will add me now -__- lol.


  1. Hahaha.. as for FB, you can tell them that you only accept people who are 18+ =) Assuming she's not 18 yet so she's not "mature" yet.

    Why are bullies always the chubbier kids? lol.. but regardless the kids are all soo cutee ^_^ *squeeze*

  2. Nice buys and soooo cute! I especially love the pic of the girls...they're so young and they already know how to pose! XD I remember when I was their age I would just stand there awkwardly when pics were being taken, haha.

    As for Fb... the requests just stay there until... whenever. I have one from last year that I haven't done anything with and it's just sitting there on the sidebar still.

  3. lol! I don't think you have big lips >__<..

    nice vest! why dont you post your WDYWT on your blog? I'm too lazy to check the soompi one. your choice

    and regarding doggies.. I would like one too but it seems so far away because I'm a college student..... poor and no time but to study! do you go to school, peter? it seems like you have a lot of free time @.@ besides work.

  4. your kids are super adorable!!!

  5. Nice buys!!:D
    The kids are so cute!(: <3
    I love the pictures!^-^

  6. loving your buys :)
    as always.
    you make me want to become a camp workerr D:

  7. hey!
    i've been a long time lurker of your blog. i found it randomly on google haha. i just wanted to let you know that your cute and hot! =P you should therefore feel more confident about yourself because you look good!