Monday, September 6, 2010

happy labor day?

i don't know a better title. no song has really struck me at the moment. i don't think labor day is a good subject because of the current high unemployment though...heheh. people here are overworked at the same time though...conflicting.

my most recent comment on my blog "hey! i've been a long time lurker of your blog. i found it randomly on google haha. i just wanted to let you know that your cute and hot! =P you should therefore feel more confident about yourself because you look good!" aw~ thanks... that's sweet (like...yearbook comment sweet) i'm also kind of creeped out because i put my blogger and tumblr to be not listed on search engines (+ i don't know your identity) but little random comments like that certainly does cheer me up a bit. :)

i just noticed the "stats" tab on blogger...neat. i did not know blogger also monitered your traffic and where your visitors are coming from too. the source of my visitors is no surprise since i only placed my link in two places. no one ever checks on my blogger or tumblr through facebook either...(besides myself) but i took that out since little students at work have been friend requesting me and i don't have the heart to reject them and i'd rather not have them see my blog or tumblr lol... 4,000

"crotch shot"
well anyway, school has started and i'm pooped. i designated today as my homework day but it's going to end soon since midnight is coming in about 2 hours. i met a kenyan in my african history class (as in from kenya, africa). that was probably the only cool thing that happened. i didn't really know what to mention to him to get a conversation going. when i think kenya...all i think is marathons and safaris, and he's probably had enough of those questions. the accent was a bit hard to get use to at first also. i only knew of the marathons and safari thing from watching misuda too lol (~ _ ~  )

before clicking the "read more" link. please have the decency to watch this video in regards to the "mosque" built near ground zero in NYC.-edit- there's something wrong when i try to create a page break with the youtube i'll just leave the whole entry out. this is for our freedom!!

my east asian religions class is not bad. the teacher is not very boring but i brought my laptop and the apple conference was going on, so all i could concentrate on was reading about the new ipod philosophy class is full of fobs (not in some derogatory way but all i hear is mandarin behind me as i try to pay attention).

my hardest class by far has got to be my japanese class. it's a totally new language but if BoA can become fluent in it and alan can become a chart topping chinese in the industry. i can do the same! AHHHH *stabs* i've learned mediocre korean and hangeul in the 7+ years i've been listening to k-pop and this is just another obstacle for me to overcome. afterwards, i can then...karaoke to namie amuro and shimizu shota without looking for romanji lyrics....possibly....
my ugly hiragana homework that i got some done while at work. i don't usually work on fridays but since it's the first week of school for elementary and middle schoolers too, i was scheduled to go. my coworker saw me doing some and she's like "OH I KNOW HOW TO WRITE MY NAME IN JAPANESE!" *writes michi in hiragana* i just finished it as of now and trying to finish this entry so i could eat because i'm hungry.

i went to the mall on saturday but i should've gone to koreatown/area in hopes of korean celeb stalking? lol the mall sucked anyway because two people stopped me to ask me to join their cult or club or watever the shit. i hate it when that happens...if i want to join a club i don't need people to scout me and it just makes things so much more awkward and creepy to approach me. i ended up buying three tshirts from cotton on. since some of my shirts keep getting bleach or weird color blobs on them, there is my sad excuse to buy new clothes.
5$ each.
well i wore this out...i don't know what to wear on hot days because i'd rather just walk around in speedos if i could...
my brother looked at my driver's license as i was driving somewhere yesterday and he said my weight outloud. on my license i put 130lbs at the time...i don't know if i put it that way to seem heavier or lighter but my goal weight has been reached. as of now i'm around 160lbs. i stopped tracking my weight as i continued to exercise and eat but i've reached it now! woo~! i feel kind of fat now though, so i'm just going to continue exercising but cutting out some calories and see what happens to my love handles and pooch. i'm still kind of amazed that i gained 30 or so pounds since then lol.

i think that was all i wanted to say...
lisa found this cute kimbap/korean place to eat last night on yelp and i may possibly be going there in the coming weeks! finally something other than kbbq to try. i don't want to hop onto the korean fusion food hype...the korean/mexican fusion and the galbi burgers etc but they're definitely on my bucketlist. (just not now)~

oh i forgot to mention that i finished a movie yesterday called 'mao's last dancer' and it was really good. here's the trailor. it's based on a true story. i loved it :)

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  1. That is a super nice comment and it's true ^^ Sometimes the best (as in most truthful) comments come from people you don't know because they have no prior ideas or notions about the person that you are and they just tell you what they think.

    Happy Labour Day and I congrats on reaching your weight goal :D