Sunday, September 19, 2010

"you smell like my dad."

said this cute ass first grader on friday as i was trying to have him finish his extra work he needed to finish.
i asked: is that good or bad?
and he replies: good. *in his cute high little kid voice*
so cute. it should be noted that i didn't wear any deodorant or anything either. maybe his dad smells like crap too? lol.

i need sleeeeeeeeep *smashes camera on the bed. jk* i can only do so much in one day.
ah i should be rewriting my notes right now for class and finishing up my philosophy homework but i'm here blogging instead.

i guess i had a kind of food filled week which i'll show later on in the entry but yep! school's a drag but at the same time eh...i like school. once october 1st comes around, my heart will probably be racing as i'll be applying to transfer my ass out of community college because i've been there TOO DAMN long. fml. japanese class is still hard but my professor (or...sensei) knows my name now so i guess i'm special or something lol. whenever we have homework it's usually this korean guy and i who writes on the board first and then next would be the ones who are guilted into going up and writing. my other classes are interesting but philosophy class is based on like thinking critical and reasoning and i never realized how complex it was to create definitions and stuff. i pray that the tests aren't as difficult as the homeworks because my class is full of fobs...

well anyway! i had actual plans this week. yayyy!
on a random sidenote: my mom got a letter saying her health insurance costs will be going up a bit. ugh...fuck private run health insurance!

uh...random picture of me, blessed and cursed with single eyelids. oi ~ ~ ~ i look like a cat...

on thursday, i had plans to meet with my good ol' friends anna and pamela. we haven't hung out together in over a year. i kept insisting it's been two years but they kept denying that it has been that long *shrug*, either way we are reunited! jyeahhh!

it was a pretty long day at work on thursday. since i knew i had plans that day, i put on my contacts when i got home from my classes and packed a small backpack with junk i'll need after work like my camera, sunglasses, etc. 95% of the time i wear my glasses everywhere because i'm lazy and tend to sleep in. unless i'm doing something that requires alot of activity like bowling or dance practice or something...then i wear my contacts, so a year supply lasts a LONG time because of it. and since i wore my contacts to work because i had plans, many of the kids first questions were "peterr! where are your glasses?" "are you blind right now?" "why aren't you wearing your glasses?" "did you lose your glasses?" and i'd have to be like "no" and "i can see fine" and "at home". the reallly little kids would say really cute immature stuff like "he pee pee'd on it" and stuff and i'm just like *nod my head* _ _~ the cute little daughter like kids were like "are you going on a date??" because i said i had plans after work. one of my coworkers who doesn't really know me much besides my name asked me where my glasses were too and i replied "i have contacts on" and she goes "how is it?" and i reply "i've been wearing contacts since i was like in 8th grade" hahahah i'm such a conversation killer.

when 5 o clock rolled around, i texted anna and said i'd be on my way. i went to the bathroom to take off my work polo and junk. i sat in my car for awhile to prep up and then got anna and then drove to get pamela (even though she offered to drive). i made us ride the rail though hahah...i hate driving in downtown...i hate driving in general. we took the subway to koreatown and went to find 'school food' and it was sad because we're all stupid and uneducated enough to read maps anymore because we're so dependent on technology. we had to go into 'the coffee bean' and buy a drink and ask for the wifi password so we could use pamela's iphone find the location. the coffee been is also so amazing at hiding the wifi password too because it is on the HDTV screen but in tiny ass font. that's so shady and when i say tiny ass font, you literally have to walk right up to the television to see the passcode. we found school food in the end! the only lame thing was that when we went there was like 3 parties waiting to be seated but it closes at like 11 so it was okay i guess!(besides all the creepy people at the subway and rail stations eeek.)
this is the more realistic lighting/ambience of the place
while we ate, a huge plate fell and shattered on the ground. everyone stopped and turned and it was kind of scary and funny at the same time because the lady was all saying something in korean over and over until they cleaned up and everyone just resumed eating afterwards. we basically sampled a lot of the kimbaps they had to offer and a kind of ddukbokki. it was yummm...i definitely prefer kimbap over sushi. after coming home from koreatown and driving around...i knocked out at 1am, didn't shower until the next day 1pm ish and got ready to cover for someone at work because she had plans or something...zz~ but it's good because i have no life anyway.

earlier, i forgot to mention that this week many of the kids were selling fundraiser chocolates and i was guilted into buying 4$ worth....but i loved every bite of it T____T.
yuck i look gross. my other pictures looked too strange or overly expressive :x lol
on friday, i didn't have any plans and was sort of guilted into going to a farewell dinner for some students at my workplace because they'd be leaving for college on saturday. i was hella late...hella fashionably late LOL. i guess it shows how much i cared...but it was a spur of the moment thing and i felt kind of obligated. when i walked in there wasn't really anyone to greet me and it was pretty packed. some random guy said to me "i think i know where your table is at" and told me to follow him. it was really strange at first but it was really nice of him too. it turned out he was a manager or something...all the staff there was really nice actually. it was easy for him anyway because that place was full of white people and we were like the only asians there. it was bittersweet for a certain person there because she's been a student there from 5th to 8th grade and then devoted all her after school time in highschool to volunteer at my workplace (along with being in choir and i don't know what other junk) and now she'll be off to her dorms and not return as often as she did. after we all finished eating or got our boxes of leftovers, we met up outside and parted and my mrs. boss gave her a hug and said bye and started to cry and was like "okay gtg now!" because she didn't want to hecka cry and ran behind another ex coworker of mine. another one of the important staff members also gave her a hug and started to cry and i just stood there like... ( . __ .) and waved a goodbye and she waved back while sniffling her nose and holding back the tears and then i offered a hug. lol __ __;; i never really talked to her much because i don't know...i've only really connected with 2 or 3 people at my workplace. i've known her for almost 2 years too! but yeah...i ordered some expensive pasta since lisa said their pasta was (really) good.
i'm not really into eating italian or western dine in foods in general. the pasta was alright but i don't know...i just feel ambivalent when i eat it because it doesn't taste amazing or bad.

i think i kind of overdressed for the occasion but whatevers. lol. i felt like a SJM reject from the Super Girl days.
today i woke up around 2pm and didn't get out until 4 to eat. i ate panda express with my little brother and then drove to walmart to buy my dad underwear because he said his were getting worn out. while we were at walmart and my dad only gave me a twenty, i decided to also buy another jug of whey since i'm about to run out soon. there went 30$ out of my card huhu...hopefully 14 pairs of briefs will last him atleast a year or two. between the time of 2-4pm my brother was outside bagging cans and plastics because i guess he really wanted the cash since he doesn't have a job yet. usually it's me who does it because my parents are old and my lazy fat douchebag brother was still getting money handed to him as a senior in highschool.
greasy goodness.
my i really?...i don't know...that's not really a fortune either because it's just stating what i am..
some random pictures to end my entry/night before i shower and try to get my school on before i go to bed and then study my ass off the rest of the tommorow night .
i was behind a hyundai genesis like last week? i the mcd's drive thru and usually on the back of the genesis is the hyundai badge but this one had the domestic badge. as you may or may not know, the front doesn't have a badge but the domestic one also has a wing badge on the hood. sah-weet~~~ i also saw a hyundai equus in that same drive thru when it barely came's like the most upscale hyundai to date.

i hate whoring myself on the internet but i guess it'll give me a push to lose some damn body fat since i've been feeling fat and gross. it doesn't help that my own mother is saying "i swear you're getting fatter" and blames the whey protein which doesn't even have much carbohydrate or fat content. jesus! even if i was getting fat, i can do my own fucking research and lose it unlike my lazy fat piece of shit brother...leave me alone!!
i ran into this tumblr and i'm even more driven because that guy is younger than me, smart, insanely good looking, and so much more fit. FML! we're also about the same height and asian.
my goal stomach is something along the lines of this. gah i'm even contemplating on running, and i hate running. lol. wish me luck -__- ~ (that is kim ji hoon's body if you're wondering, the one that wasn't arrested for drug possession)
random outfit i uploaded because of something...
i love these beezys~i've known them for soooooo long.
me and my wonky eyes waiting for the train to come at the train station. i love the background...
that is all! gnight my blogger and it's readers. (hopefully all typos and junk is fixed and i sound coherent enough nao.)


  1. Ooooh, how sweet, that kid saying you remind him of his dad... I would melt if some cute little one would say something like that -- me smelling like his/her mom, that is... ^.^

    I would be dead tired after a week like yours, but it sounds like you did have some fun (and a lot of food too!) Philosophy homework doesn't really sound like fun though. I used to take philosophy classes too and it sucked big time. Way too much thinking about things no one will ever understand...

  2. Hi sleepy cat!

    I was so confused when you first wrote about looking for "school food" until I saw the pic and realized it was the actual name of a restuarant XD! I thought you were looking for cafeteria food to reminiscence about high school days or something, ahaha... so OFF!

  3. Hahaha, hyperactive kids can be cute too :D and also a pain in the ass sometimes -___-
    Good luck on your philo!