Saturday, November 13, 2010

mid november approaches already...

i love how when you're so wish you had all the time in the world, and when you're bored as just wished someone would kill you because time goes by... so damn slow.

well anyway, i just woke up from a nap and still have a bit of a nap hangover. i have some pimples on my forehead, which sucks because i thought my acne was gone for good now but's made a return. : [ i can cover it up pretty well with concealer but you can see that there's a bump there, and that bump will probably last for atleast a week. ughhh probably it's one of those coping with stress signs. my friend also says how white/pale i've gotten since she hasn't seen me in about a month. i kind of notice it too...i think it's because of the weather....if only my neck and arms were a bit more lighter...

i guess it is time for me to catch up with myself since my last entry.
i voted in my/the general elections. apparently there weren't enough potheads to go vote but i did i give them my hope our education system and public transport get much better. i hope the more balanced house of representatives doesn't fuck everything over...and on a random note, the seoul g20 summit is officially over. no riots~! woo~ next one is going to be in france (paris, i think? i don't know any other french cities lol)

my dad is still bumming around at home...i've never actually seen him look at newspapers and make phone calls like my mom did when she wanted a new job. i wonder much longer he'll last. it's random shit to "fix" the house when it makes it tackier. and why buy stuff to touch up the house when we don't necessarily need it? but my parents can say the same thing to me because i'm always buying food and drinks from outside. ehhh...when my internet is gone, our house, and assets gets possessed then i can regret everything...zzz...that will be the end of me, my blogger, and my tumblr...

my mother's future doesn't seem so bright either. i'm a regular reader of and American Apparel is on death watch again...*sigh*
Troubled Los Angeles clothing maker American Apparel Inc. reported double-digit sales declines and a $9.5-million quarterly loss Tuesday and warned that it had "substantial doubt" about its viability going forward.
In a continuing effort to turn itself around, the company announced several aggressive efforts to cut costs. It said it might have to close some stores, reduce manufacturing production levels, renegotiate real estate leases and reevaluate staffing levels.
For the quarter ended Sept. 30, sales totaled $134.5 million, a decline of 10.5% from the same quarter last year. At stores open at least a year, sales fell 16% — a troubling sign considering the relatively healthy sales that competitors have been reporting in recent months.
The loss of $9.5 million translated to 13 cents a share and contrasted with profit of $4.2 million, or 5 cents, a year earlier. 
[,0,5064696.story ]
if you didn't already know, my mom has been slaving away at the AA factory for 2 years ( maybe 3 ?). I remember i barely started community college at the time because i remember i drove her to downtown to get an interview and brought my biological anthropology book with me to read. i didn't really help her much besides find the building and sit for hours at the mcdonald's across the street for her but yeah...

The next 12 months may not be so bright...but i'll remain optimistic
I'm also in the process of transferring schools in about 6 months from if i'd have to drop out and find another job to help my parents. i recently hung out with a friend who i worked with and she told me about how her friend who had to drop out of school so she could find a full time job along with a part time job to subsitute the loss income from her mother. every two weeks, she'd only have about 50 dollars for much as i love my city...shit like this sucks.
at work, one of my student's parents talked to me and it was kind of like "oh shit am i in trouble" but it was just some really awkward crap. basically, my student's mother was like "oh as a mom how could i help improve my child's skill in english" because he's in 2nd grade, while the rest of my class are 3rd graders. he's hecka cute and smart though, you'd never think he's in 2nd grade unless he told you. all the things rushing through my head was "uhhh i'm not a legit teacher, cmon i'm only 21 and i don't even look 21, i shouldn't be really saying anything", "start talking out of your ass peter", "stay calm and look like you've been doing this for years" because dude! i was kind of guilted into being a teacher at my workplace anyway....i was a teacher's aid for two years, but my coworker had to leave and work full time at her other job... : ( i felt kind of obligated to take her place, so if anyone has any resources to help a 7 year old to become a better writer, shoot them at me...his mom is very nice though, she kept saying how she's a pusher mom? i might have been thinking the word pusher but she said some other word. but yeah, she said how she likes to teach stuff ahead of what they teach in school so he could have an upper hand and also give him a kid life where he can play. i'm totally all for it...but i'm not one to give much advice...-__- ~

but with all the depressing things aside, i can still have some fun for the time being...i think...
i've been getting better and better at bowling. preetty sweet (nothing has beaten my 5 strikes, 163 pts[?] yet but i got like 152 on wednesday and beat my boss by like 20 pts and that made me do like 40 pushups because they played for pushups and you basically do the difference of points of who you lose to x 2...but part of that was probably because he was kind of buzzed but didn't admit it until we got to au79 lol]. i'm probably going to buy myself a pair of bowling shoes after my next bank trip. paying 3.50 since summer...i could've bought a pair already...zzz and if any of my non work friends ask me to go, i can bring my pair and be like fuck you guys! i don't have to pay 3.50$. my boss and my coworker friend with her 2 friends hella bought jugs of beer that night but i didn't even have any. i was tempted to try the really dark one just to see how it tasted compared to the last one i tried. it smelled really...strong and not good but yeah...i just wanted to fulfill my curiousity. one of my coworker's friend's hella fucking chucks 16lb bowling balls and it like fucking explodes the pins. i was like w~omg shit. lol. he threw constant 20+mph balls. he was also my age and he looked sooo much older than me. ehhh i hate looking like i'm 17. doesn't say so though...ever tried... it's a korean celeb face matcher...pretty funny...
i don't know if i said this yet, but i threw away all the circle lenses i bought already...the cases were just collecting dust. i kind of miss them haha...o well. they're horrible to wear for beyond 1 hour anyway...

after bowling, i went to au79 for boba with my friend and her 2 friends, my other friend, and my boss. it was fun. i barely found out one was korean because he kept talking about how seoul's real estate boom and market value declined two years or so before here (? i don't know shit about business and i can't think at 3am) and i just stared at him with one eyebrow up and i was like "'re korean?" lol and then it just went on about plastic surgery and how korean girls are apparently crazy and korean guys are mean because their fathers' neglect them during childhood. lol and then i ended up talking with my other friend about android apps and my kids (which were also her kids). she was showing me stuff she can put in my phone because i barely do any shit with my phone. i got the "moron test" now, AND I STILL HAVEN'T BEATEN LEVEL 1...i'm truly a moron...other than that, she got me another nice camera app and some other full games. yayy i love her. i'm so glad to have met such a person. she started randomly taking awkward pictures of me, so i forgot to take a picture of my drink. i bought a passion fruit milk tea and i just tasted like passion fruit tea and nothing else...ehhh. i'll stick with reg. milk teas from now on (i always say this...)...stayed at au79 until almost 1am...i wasn't expecting to come home so late, but it was fun...i was happy...
on veterans day, i slept the damn morning away (12 hours). i bought some in n out and basically just that. i ate and printed financial aid forms for CSU LA and Cal Poly Pamona. I also copied tax forms of my parents' and my own. I WILL GET THESE IN ENVELOPES, FILLED OUT, SIGNED. STAMP ON, AND MAILED  before the weekend is over. i actually have an opportunity to transfer next semester to CPP but...i don't really want to go there... i haven't even applied to UCLA i don't know. because if i do get in, i'll go to UCLA forsure because yanno...the name really does count (sadly). I still want to try USC but i don't know if i can pay for it....ehhhhh. i hate my lifeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. 

today at work, i had movie supervisor and i'm pretty glad i got it because i got to watch toy story 3! i didn't really care at first in the beginning and just watched it on and off while i recorded my childrens' grades but once it got closer to the end i really started to get into it. ah~ what a good movie. it was a nice way to end such an old film. my favorite character is the triceratops! she's so cute hahaha i love her. she kind of reminds me of myself, but i'm not as bubbly and shit.
i don't know what else to say...i did buy some stuff recently...i shouldn't but i did...i'll get to that after some random pictures of what i wore and junk.
i was actually ambivalent to the idea of wearing and having a scoop neck shirt, but now...i want more...
eh the usual...nothing too different
#6 wasn't suppose to be a math problem...
learned how to screenie without rooting my phone lol~
if anyone even cares about what my skin routine is, well what i bought was skincare stuff because i'm running low on benzoyl peroxide so i have to buy alot to get free shipping. i'm stocking always
10% benzoyl peroxide (bought 2 @ 5.99)...i'm so sad doesn't carry panoxyl acne spot treatment right now...which is the same thing as this, but 1.5oz instead of 1oz. some people are actually allergic to this or hate this in general but i don't have any problems with it. it's a gel/liquidy anyway, so it's suppose to not dry out your skin much. it's also a chemical exfoliant (i think) and supposedly it's a bleach? but i never had any problems with that either. been using this for years.
BHA and AHA toner. girls probably hate this too because it says like 35% alcohol denat and the vapors aren't friendly to the eyes, but i think this is beneficial for me. (bought 2 @ 7.99)
moisturizer with spf, specifically a BHA moisturizer with Vitamin E and UVA/UVB spf 15. AHA and BHA are also chemical exfoliants. (bought 2 @ 10.25) they're 4oz bottles, so very worth it! especially when western moisturizers only give you fucking 1.6oz or even fucking 1oz. spf 15 isn't even much to protect you but having SPF on is better than none. i need SPF on anyway because benzoyl peroxide supposedly makes your skin sensitive to sun :x ...
this one is for my mother because we can't find it locally right now. she likes this...or she likes FOAMING cleansers specifically. i asked her if she wanted it it's not a surprise...

total $56.45. i got 5% back as a discount on next that's like a 2-3$ discount LOL...and i got like 3$ cashback from ebates...and also no frackin 10% california tax. go me!

but yeah...other that that i have a regular nothing specific cleanser i use from missha (because it's big and cheap) and a serum (also from missha because it's big and cheap). i also put sunscreen on my arms when i feel the sun is shining too

i also bought 2 cardigans from but i feel kind of jipped now because i didn't expect the veterans day sale to stay on past veterans day, so i lost out on 5 dollars T___T because of free shipping this weekend. it's okay....i have a job...T_T...
2 for 20$...+5$ shipping + 1.9$ 27$ total....could've been 22$ *bleh* but i dont think i would've been able to get the red cardigan if i waited. oh well...still a good deal...

i'm considering getting this for myself for christmas...i've been wanting a bag to keep junk in for when i take public transport...or specifically the light rails and subway.
it's 35 GBP on ASOS...which is about 56 or so dollars in USD...and if i buy from ASOS i don't have to pay tax and shipping....oppposed to urbanoutfitters 60$+ shipping....mehhhhh.

it's almost 430am...ehhhhhh...hopefully i can sleep after this can of soda...i wanted to make PB&J but either my brother or dad ate all the wheat bread and left just one slice...ugh fml...g'night.


  1. LOL @ the celeb face matcher, hahah!

    & for bp, have you tried the bp? It's really awesome! You get a big tube for a really reasonable price and the best part is that it dries really smooth and it also doesn't dry white. It works great under makeup too. Best bp I've tried. You should check it out next time you run out :)

  2. It's a bit... weird reading your skincare routine. Only because you're a guy and the guys I know aren't interested in this kind of stuff at all. Real men? Stubborn men I guess...
    Congrats on voting!! All the peeps who stayed at home are just eggheads, voting is a privilege, you should be proud of yourself! ^.^

    As for the 'how to improve a kid's writing skills' (this is going to be long):
    1/ Make it read. Make it read a LOT! Reading improves writing, as the kid will remember sentences it has read, and it will improve grammar and vocabulary. If possible, make it read books that are a tad bit higher level than what it is supposed to read (I always read books that were too difficult for me, it never harmed me in any way ^.^).
    2/ Help it as much as possible by sitting with it and going through some writing exercises I guess. Personal coaching, but with school. The Mom seems pretty motivated, so I think sitting with the kid and encouraging it can't be a problem.
    3/ Is Mom fluent in English? If so, it can't be difficult to motivate and help her child. If Mom's not, I'd recommend her to find someone who is, and who's willing to come read with the kid for an hour or something every day, or maybe every other day, preferably more, but I know that can be difficult. I used to work with kids from foreign parents, and they were really motivated to try doing their best if someone who was fluent was helping them.
    (It really feels like I'm telling some basic teaching things you probably already know ^.^)

    I still hope things turn for the better at yours. I can't even imagine what things would be like if something like this happened to my family...

  3. See, useless advice T.T Don't know where to find English worksheets either -___- Useless comment...
    Haha at the superficial thing, don't know what to reply to that >v<

  4. Hi Peter! First time stopping to yours((:

    Well, read to your story, I feel like we have thing in common. My mom has retired recently. Our future is in her hands, so, I think that our future might be questioned now xD Since my dad doesn't have 'real' job, I hope I can get much money a.s.a.p!!!

    I don't know, but I believe there's a hope behind our bad times. And I keep my hope to live my life and always passionate to wait what's in front of me..(:

    Dreamy Princess
    ~I wonder what it's like to live in Paris~

  5. lewl - i like reading depressing blogs :D ur life is miserable - kinda just like me with its ups and downs. keep them coming :D


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  7. This is quite random but the other day when I saw your pacsun order post on soompi, I decided to buy some stuff as well. Pacsun mailed me today saying my whole order is out of stock -__- what the heck... (one of them was the same blue cardigan).