Saturday, December 4, 2010

er...can't think of a title.

a cute picture of my little cousins for the little preview thumb.

soooo...i don't know. i didn't really have anything special for thanksgiving. my mom asked if we i had anywhere to take the family to eat but since my dad isn't doesn't have a job, i don't think we should even be going out to eat anyway. we just had kfc and i forgot to ask for ketchup while leaving, so explains the in n out packets. it's like 22$ for 10 piece (5 legs, 5 thighs), 4 biscuits, 1 lrg mashed potato, 1 lrg cole slaw...more than enough.
i'm going to update the song player once i'm done with this entry, then japanese homework, then philosophy paper, then die in my bed. my history professor is suppose to email us the prompts for our final but all he has sent us are these things to events and organizations..._ _;

this is going to be a very useless and not very insightful post.

i don't really like to eat pho...or atleast where my parents like going anyway...
since that fred perry bag went up in price (,strangely). i bought another bag's cheaper too so...i got two...which is okay...because those high top vans were out of stock and never shipped T___T.
28$~ish (because someone posted a 10% off code later T_T)
still cheaper than one fred perry and now i have 2 to choose from...white, when i feel fun and, when i feel cool and dead?

i hope it comes before winter break because i want to take it with me when i use public transport to go get my haircut. i want this cut or something similar...but i don't really care as long as it's short and nothing too crazy. i can only take so much ridicule from honest children before it starts to hurt my
long hair is a pain...takes forever to dry, my hair is too heavy to be styled, my head is already big so it just looks bigger...i'll be going here!...

my bowling shoes finally came and i got the chance to take them out for some fun. i wasn't good that night though *sniff*
ice cream my boss bought us. ugh...hahah...

random junk
cute bathroom towel from target ahhh : ). if you've seen jon and kate plus 8 prior to their divorce, the kids had them...there's a frog one and i forgot what else.
my whiteboard, but i've erased the updated rules and put "NEW SEATS!" for monday because my kids have been begging the shit out of me to give them new seats.
dead, dead, dead...
and lastly, the outfit related posts for i don't really know what purposes...>___>
errr...yeahhh...i bought some junk for xmas for my classroom to decorate for xmas. i get reimbursted up to 20$ but yeah...doubt my class will win lol. i also bought a new cheap computer mouse to replace my current one because the scroller is pissing me off, and i bought 2 tops at cotton on for like 5$ each while wandering the mall earlier because i have finals next week and i don't want to go then.

oh...i finished my transfer apps...i hope i get in my intended school...ack.
i can't believe i'm going to turn 22 in a little over 2 months...

that's all~
time to exercise, try to get some assignments done, and yadda yadda.....


  1. Why did you "ugh" for the icecream?? LOL (cause it's the best!). It would be interesting to see that new hair on you. Are you getting it coloured like that too?

    I gave you a "one lovely blog" award... because I already like reading your blog. Even if you post "junk" XD. You don't have to do it though if you don't want to. Just wanted to let you know that your blog is awesome!

  2. Your white board is mighty cute! I love your writing. Your outfits are amazing as usual (:

  3. Hmmmm nice hair ^.^ and clothes ^.^

  4. Thank you for your comment. I appreciate you took the time to read through it all ^^
    Aww, broken V-key is bad. How do you type then?
    The thing is, if my laptop breaks, I'm screwed. I don't have another computer but my lappy and the thing costed me so much money! I guess I've learnt my lesson to never take it out anymore -__-

    Creepy commentor hasn't returned yet. I think I've scared him/her away >< Hope he/she won't bother me anymore, it's pretty scary to have someone leaving you personal comments without them telling you who they are.

    Yay for the ragdoll! Hehe, if you want to make one, I can give you the pattern, if you want? >v< Or you could just (order) ask someone else to make you one ^^