Monday, January 17, 2011

. . . .我就是我.

so...i've recently made myself a chinese twitter, more appropriately known as "sina weibo", out of sheer boredom and followed many rising and on demand chinese models. the little descriptions some put under their names are very simple yet inspiring. ex.

be yourself, be happy
. . . .我就是我. (i'm just me/ i am me/ i am who i am)
they both kind of go together. life is short, don't fear being judged, please yourself, don't let others bring you down. i'm sure we all need some little inspiring words every once in awhile. those certainly picked me up...from my periodical sense of hopelessness...

ah i haven't really taken any pictures lately, i don't really have a reason to. i was suppose to go out today but some crap came up. i ended up wandering the mall for awhile before buying boba and then returning home with nothing. i saw this mustard colored cardigan for 10$ but i ended up putting it back and saying "spring is coming anyway"...go me...i'm so
the only things i've bought this week (besides food)...from my holy grail store (when it comes to tees and tanks) cotton on.

i'm going to start short rant/entries in here now more often because i feel tumblr is getting too many visitors and my privacy is getting a little invaded, especially when this is the more personal side of me. my tumblr is more of the visual, musical, superficial, materialistic side. i took off my link earlier...which i know it technically doesn't do much but i can tell the blogger community and tumblr community is quite different's a little assuring, i guess. i mean...i do like having my blog open but some followers i'm getting on tumblr don't really seem like me? or seem like what i put out on tumblr anyway...

besides waking up to my day off because today is Martin Luther King day, i ate..., showered, went out for a little while, and then came home to update my UC application because i found out my grades from fall semester. i'm a little disappointed but glad at the same time. my GPA remains @ 3.0 (at like 3.08 be exact *sigh)

Elem. Japanese- C
Far Eastern Religious Studies- C
Philosophy (Intro to Crit. Thinking)- A
Traditional African Hist-B

man..i wonder if i happened to do the extra credit for history, whether i could've possibly gotten an A. philo was pretty amazing...i just did all the HW (basically copied the answers from the back), did the written assignments, and memorized the type of questions + answers and concepts from the HW and got an A. I never really read the book or learned anything lol. history was basically open book tests but my teacher expected so much...japanese was hard as hell and i regret not teaching myself more japanese before taking it. religious studies was also hard...and i should've studied more...blah. if i don't get accepted...i won't be too just wasn't meant to be, i tried my best.

i'm happy i passed japanese though...towards the end of it...was quite the slippery slope.
i really want to drop one of my classes for spring...because i don't want to wake up early...technically i'm SUPPOSE to take 12 units for health insurance reasons but they never really check for i'll probably take the risk.

the weight placed upon me with the 2nd graders still burdens me a bit...but i'm starting to adore each and every one of them just as much as i have with my 3rd graders. the only part that i can't get past is how childish they's play along...or (in a controlled manner) yell at them until they calm down and listen. my other kids were more mature and want to know more about you than anything else. they are so adorable though...i'm totally going to have someone help me take a class picture at the end of the year.

some random chats with my kids:
*helping 2 kids with their friday homework*
d: you're wearing sunblock aren't you?
me: yeah?
d: why?
me: because it's hot and my arms are dark. how can you tell? can you smell it? *sniff and rubs arm*
d: because i can. your arm is shiny *cute kid expression*

d: hey peter. yanno my little brother is 3 and he doesn't know his ABCs yet?
me: rly? why don't you help him
d: i am. i'm making this little book for him.
me: *awww* *smile*

so yeah...since it is milan fashion week, i might as well post pictures of my favorite looks, models, and some chinese models' weibo pictures because i adore how they look, dress, and what not.
Li Zi Feng out in Milan...I don't know why he doesn't book as much big name work as Zhao Lei because i think he's way better looking...
uh...the bad ass look i always wish i had. (南伏龙)
Daisuke favorite Japanese model at the moment.
Zheng Yu Guang...has this pale, prince look to him...and a killer body that i aspire to have...i also love anything he
the sources of my pictures can be found on my tumblr.
and now with milan fashion week.
i sort of like the fact that male fashion is conservative and doesn't move as fast as female fashion because i don't have to "update my wardrobe" as quickly. [Moschino FW11].
Ermanno Scervino FW11
my childish side really likes this...[D&G FW11]
Trussardi 1911 FW11
Corneliani FW11
D&G FW11

 i guess those will be some of the looks i'll be attempting to mimic this year or this fall and winter?
i'll conclude with a video of Zhao Lei having a photoshoot in NY 

some of the pictures from the shoot can be found in my tumblr...but you'll probably have a hard time finding them in the archive because i don't tag my pictures... they can also be found on ...just look up Zhao Lei

i'll look for typos later...i'm insanely hungry right the point of sweating.


  1. Your pictures makes me like Asians boy a bit more <3

  2. I recently found out that Cotton On recently opened in a mall near me. Needless to say I was excited because I remembered your ravings for the store. I really like their shirts--their sizing fits me better than other brands :\


  3. Your second graders are cuties. But I totally understand you still miss your third graders. One year is quite a difference at such a young age. And you've been with the older kids for longer, so you know them better. I'm sure you'll get to like the younger ones too ^^
    Wow A at philo? I failed first time trying philo (passed with a 16/20 second time, so...okay) I hope you'll get accepted, would be nice to know you have the opportunity, neh?
    Reply: Yup all trains here are electrified. I've never seen a train that doesn't ride on electricity... You don't really care too much for America, am I right? I sometimes get this feeling when reading your comments... Heheh, so you're an undercover traveller! ^^ People always assume I talk English, Dutch, French, doesn't matter she'll understand anyway. And then I get the weird people talking to me -___-

  4. Ah my feeling must've been wrong then ^^ Hehe, I sometimes whine about Belgium being a stupid country without any kind of identity, but I do like living here...
    Lol at "when you're old it's like not that different" I hope you're not referring to yourself as old ^^ Else that would mean I'm old too :P

  5. guys fashion is always interesting :3

  6. ohmygod, so many good looking mennnn *_____*

    & thanks! you're always leaving such sweet comments for me. c: i'm surprised you still read my blog!

    i've been MIA from the blogging world but your's is probably one of the very few that i still visited once in awhile in part that i really enjoy reading about your life & the selection of music you always have!!!