Monday, August 1, 2011

show your knee socks, drink tequila on the rocks till you makes your body pops to the speaker

ugh i hate growing up. i shaved my face on, i think, friday? and yeah, i'm plucking my chin hairs already and it's monday (12:13 am). i don't remember my hairs growing as fast a year or two back...heh.

my really bright blue jeans :D
i have no idea what to do for baking class tomorrow. my coworker did sugar cookies last monday so i'm going to ask her if there's any of her stuff left over and see what i need for sugar cookies. i think there's muffin mix in the kitchen at work i could do that too...but anyway, i'm bored and i'm going to type an entry before i sleep for tomorrow.

i watched that japanese movie "norwegian wood" the other day...the ending was totally like "wtf". i just felt lost and felt like i wasted two hours not understanding the whole thing. there was a lot of like sexual stuff in it i wonder if the book like...described that in very great detail or

besides getting my new phone and going to the OC fair, i haven't done much.

my new phone is SO much better than my old phone. oh my god. even if it is a rebranded huawei phone. my god. LOL.
my old phone had 800mhz processor, no graphics processor, maybe 256mb ram? and it was just laggy as fuck with a 3.2mp cam. i now have a 1ghz snapdragon processor, 4.1" screen, some adreno GPU, 512mb RAM, 2gb internal storage, 5mp rear camera with LED flash, front VGA cam. i don't know what else but oh my god! the screen is so much more responsive, i can actually play fruit ninja (though i miss it being on my former phone because everything moved so much slower LOLL). i'm using a recent picture of zhao lei as my wallpaper because i'm too lazy to look through my whole tumblr archive for the "perfect" wallpaper picture. i'm kind of tired of kids at work asking me if my phone's wallpaper is myself...-___- so i want, like, a perfect doraemon wallpaper.

the only thing i kind of dislike is the crappy front facing cam but whatevers. i can deal with it for 2 years lol. and in two years, there'll be phones with like a duo or quad core processors clocking in at 2ghz, l2mp+ rear cameras, HD quality front facing cam, and 2-4gb of ram with 80gb of internal memory

peek at some of the apps i use/have.
i was figuring out how to screenie last night even though i knew how to previously...i was like updating my android SDK and whatever the fucks and i don't know why the ddms thing wouldn't detect my phone. luckily, i read on a forum that the "screenshot" app in the market works with my phone even though it says it only supports rooted phones so HOORAH. applanet is still down though...i miss it dearly....i want new apps T___T...especially since my phone actually has MEMORY for it.

continuing on....

i went to the orange county fair on saturday morning because my friend asked and it's 2$ admission if you buy your ticket by 11am so why not. i did not have to drive myself there anyway so yay. i only slept for like 4 hours before driving to my friend's house but it was a fun day. we left around 3 because my friend had to attend this concert with all those popular youtube singers (joseph vincent, jason chen...don't know who else) @ 6 and she gotta get there by 5 to get seated so i was at the fair for like 5 hours in the sun. i have some slight sunburns but it's not bad...hoping i don't peel. lol. i have like these red slashes around my tank "straps" area because i crappily put on sunscreen in the car because i would rather TRY to get some sleep on the car ride -__-

"take a picture of my banana!"

alcohol and it's not even noon yet...(this wasn't even good. it was really strong with NO flavor whatsoever AND it was like 8 dollars O_o)
"uhhh i'm not gonna buy a drink but i'm just gonna get a band anyway (to show that i'm 21+ and not, like, 17)."
a giant turkey leg for breakfast. chyeeeah.
saw this giant stuffed bear fly around in the morning and totally caught an emo moment. that should be me : (
carnival games...such a rip...along with the carnival rides.

i only went on one ride but i'll show pictures of that later. guess what i won there though.

i saw little kids with little ones all day, and i really wanted one. i tried one more game after losing twice earlier AND ENDED UP FUCKIN' WINNING!! it was amazing LOL.
and to show you how big it is...
i look fat and fugly as hell but yeah HAHA. my smiling picture is uglier and even fatter looking.
my arms can barely hug it. ♥ sadly, he isn't very soft though. before i saw the huge minions @ the squirt water into a hole carnival game stand, i really wanted a big badtz maru from the same game but at another stand.

i saw some girls on my FB go are their puny ass minions! AHAHA suckers...jk...but those are the little ones i saw. so cute!!
so ya...i rode on this rollercoaster that i've ridden on when i was like a tween? i rode it @ the LA county fair when i was still friends with a particular person and i know we stopped being friends in like 7th or 8th grade so i was like maybe 11 or 12...can't remember but yeah i'm, like, 22 going on 23 now and i was squashed with my friend's friend because they all went on the ride before us and the guy wanted to just give my friend another ride (with me) but i don't think the operator understood and we just got on together while she held my bag and took pictures. i look totally fug in all of them but atleast i liked how my body looked do me no justice -___-.

i am not you can friend's friend and i barely fit...i could've totally elbow'd his face.
and once in a blue moon, i show my face.
i don't look 22, i know.
the end.


  1. i thought i had to root my phone to take screen shots as well. but i accidentally took a screen shot and i was like wait, what. no app required. i first press the back button on my phone and then home button together!

    i don't know what you're talking about, but you do NOT look fat. such nonsense ;P

  2. just checked and i'm on 2.2 as well.

  3. i get the last used aps if i press the home button first. are you sure you're pressing the back button first, THEN the home?

  4. yea, i'm using froyo on a samsung phone. stock as well!

  5. nothing like turkey for breaky!