Saturday, November 12, 2011

i'm a soldier to my own emptiness.

i'm bored and just caught up to all the episodes of "glee" season 3 and "parks and recreation" season 4. i feel all crappy now because i'm a sucker for all the sappy shizz that is happening on "glee" and "parks and rec" right now, lol. sigh balls. katy perry's new music video also came out as well as "immortals". i kind of want to watch immortals because it's centered around greek least that's what it seems from what i saw on E! lol and apparently kellan lutz plays poseidon in the film... but yeah, i love greek mythology! i use to know all the stories.

yay...colder weather...more layers and excuse to hide my hair. 
ugggghhh i got super average scores on all my midterms...what is wrong with me! i'm asian! in asian standards...that's like negative F. i hope to see an advisor next week in regards to scheduling...i basically have no idea what to take anymore because my transferred courses aren't even credited yet so i need to have someone look over whatever transcripts they have and fill in all the red in my "degree process" bleh~

i have an 8 page paper due on thursday. i need to read and finish at least half of it by monday or tuesday so i don't screw myself over and get no sleep at all on wednesday night. 

the time went back one hour and i'm definitely going to make an effort to sleep like by 4:30am now because i HATE seeing the sunrise at 6am. lol. fml. 
sooooo yah. i bought stuff. that's pretty much it. i didn't really do anything exciting. no one wants to or has time to give me attention, so whatevers. *cries in a corner* 

continuing on....

diet/ fitness wise...i think i'm toning up and slimming down a bit. it may just be psychological though. i really need to measure myself and compare it to my previous stats. i still can't fit it the old jeans that i WANT to fit in but i think my chest, waist, stomach, and legs look better than before...i really hope it isn't psychological hahah... 

i didn't work on veterans day so i slept in. i ate breakfast/lunch around 5:30pm and then asked my brother if he wanted to go to the mall with me. surprisingly, he did and i got a dark denim jacket from cotton on as a result. 
24.00$ + tax 
around 26$ total, not bad. i got my light denim one for like 33$ total. i now have a light and a dark denim jacket. woo woo~ i swear, if i was a girl, a jacket like that would be found in cotton on too...but for like 13$  instead...oh the shittyness of being a guy. 

i had a really long boring lecture on wednesday and i realized i don't even really need to pay attention in that class anymore either because there isn't a final but just a paper and presentation due. being the city and transit geek that i am...i'll be presenting and writing my paper on mass transit AND THE ONLY ONE TO DO can't believe no one else thought of doing it. there are like a crap load of people doing immigration and the "no child left behind" policy...*yawn* heh.

i ended up just facebook chatting, looking at slickdeals, and texting to pass the time. my notes for that class is in my laptop and it basically goes..."lecture 6" and the page is just left blank because i never write 
i meant to type "next and BEHIND me prob think im a weirdo already [for looking at mens underwear in class]"
xmas theme because i'm cheesy like that.
lol i bought camouflage print briefs in three different colors for about 26$. 
i got these and i now just need the stripper body to go with them. 

i also shopped around 6 days ago and bought these.
after watching thor and xmen first class (both pretty good movies), i want to collect novelty marvel and dc stuff... AHHHHH lol. i also want more mickey mouse shirts...but they're f'kn expensive (to me). these are from walmart so they're like pretty cheap. i don't even think they could go on clearance because they're cheap as is...7.50$ each

i got these tanks at pacsun...i think they look tacky yet cool at the same time...tacky if you don't match them with the right bottoms but cool if you do...yanno? AND since i am psycho, i bought 4 pairs of hollister  shorts all in different colors i'm good...i'm just need to wait until spring/summer now. 

ummm yeah...i don't have much to say lol. i should get about reading then.
i might have a youtube video up soon (in a week or two), when my acne dunno maybe :d

get your music on.

that's all. ciao.


  1. *gives virtual attention*

    you had me laughing at the briefs buying in class. i too saw underwear on sale on a deals forum this week and i randomly called my bf to ask if he wanted too bad they ran small and didn't fit. ....tmi?

    i still don't have my license yet, but i can imagine how angry i'd get with driving. and gosh, probably dangerous. my concentration is not so great. i get distracted very very very easily.

    so what are you going to talk about on your videos? :)

  2. true. but it's a problem when it's hard to fit your thighs in through them hahahah ;P

  3. hmm.. wait. i'm a little confused. i meant the ones he got were smaller than usual! haha. they're not the same ones you got, but i was just saying

  4. oo.. thanks for that clarification..not sure why i got so confused lol

    happy sunday! hope you're more successful with getting your work done than me!