Monday, February 20, 2012

Cherish is the word I use to describe...

Sooooooo (like how all my videos go) this week was my birthday and Valentine's day.
I wonder if twitter pictures could be hot linked. It goes to photobucket but I don't know...oh well.

My weekend was comprised of mostly eating. I'm moving my workout schedule to Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday but with the going out, it was kind of screwed with.

I finished my paper due on my birthday and turned it in. Some people in my class were basically sucking up to the professor about how they couldn't finish. How is that even possible? I pretty much used only one reading and was able to fulfill the at least 2 page and single space requirement. -___-. I didn't bullshit anything either, but I don't know how my professor will interpret my writing. I spent my whole night in class. There wasn't much of a reason to ditch anyway besides the fact that my eyes were tired. I napped a little around midnight that night, worked out and then went to bed.

My mom gave me 25 bucks to buy dinner for myself or something in the morning. I was just laying in the bed and thinking "I won't be home until ten...there's no point in that". I never spent the money she gave me in the end anyway. I went to work when I woke up and I just got a bunch of nice "Happy Birthday Peter!"s. One of the kids at my workplace said it to me and I replied "Thanks! And Happy Early Birthday to you! (Her birthday is the day after)" I didn't really expect much. My nice and cute younger coworkers got me a little red velvet cupcake with a little Happy Birthday! flag on it. I was like..."Are you sure [you got this for me]?" I come off as very...cold when it comes to people doing things for me. I just find it so strange. I don't really mean to offend if I come off as like an asshole or something. I just don't really know how to take in thoughtful stuff. (lol...)
That cupcake was pretty good. I can't deny that. I ate it when I got home from school.

Halfway into my workday, I walked into the kindergarten + first grade classroom and asked if anyone wanted to buy any junk food and I saw all the kids just sitting in their seats staring at me. I looked at their teacher and said "are they in trouble?". The teacher then looked behind me and I turned and saw my other coworker come in all awkward like "hi..." and then the teacher was like "one! two! three!" and the class started singing happy birthday to me!! @________@. I was so like...O______O. It was so cute...and weird HAHAHA. I still wouldn't know how to respond. After they were done, I noticed this big round cake on the table with a candle and was like "oh!!" and then blew the candle out. I thanked all the kids and went out of the class and cut the cake with the boss man. I wish I took a picture of the cake lol. It was like a Tiramisu Cappuccino cake. It was very light and delicious, just like the cupcake lol.

This one kindergartener was sooo cute too. He was like " old are you?" and I asked "ummm how old do you think people like me are?" and "how old do I look?". He didn't know how to reply so I made it a math problem because I didn't want to say it straight out. I was like "well...what's 16+7?" and he replied "22...?" and I replied "close...+1" and that was that. I never said the word "thanks" so much in my life...I

I don't have much pictures from work but I work with some awesome and amazing kids. We have twins (boy and girl) that are adopted. Not only are they adopted, but they're adopted by a gay couple. There's also this other girl who's adopted from China and she's amazingly humble and grounded. And adding to her, there's this boy whose mother passed several months ago and he may be a handful but he knows that he's loved? Ah~...

Here are these random huge boxes of markers and color pencils I've decided to post. I thought this was soooo coooooool when I first saw them.
My H-family was going to have dinner with me after class on Thursday night but then rescheduled to the day after. We went to Love Letter (as usual). It was a bigger party than last year!~♥. Last year was just a party of 5 lounging at a bar because no one really knew it was my birthday. I didn't really enjoy it much because I hate beer and we didn't really have a meal or anything. I had a staff meet so we went after. B got to the restaurant first and got us seats. She got our seats at like 7:45pm and we didn't get there until almost 9 HAHAH. The restaurant must've thought some not-so-nice things about her. Much of the H-fam haven't tried korean chicken and pizza before but I think they liked it. It was something new...better than that Japanese hot dog place anyway...I wouldn't bring anyone to try that.
Afterwards, we went to 85 degrees Bakery and Cafe? It's newly opened and super popular. I wanted to see what the big deal was and it was...alright. I didn't see what was so great about that place. The boba was okay. The buns and stuff were alright. I liked the egg tarts but yeah...It's not some crazy good stuff. It's a little cheaper than Paris Baguette, but more expensive than a typical bakery.
I wanted gelato from like an actual gelato store but I ended up getting some from Fresh n' Easy. We watched some 30 Rock, Family Guy, and Infested along with some shots of patron and jack before calling it a night.

On Sunday night, my mom bought some restaurant take out and a cake for me to make up for Thursday. It was nice. I'm going to work out and try to work on some school work before sleeping because sadly, I still have class tomorrow unlike other people...

If all goes well into the summer, I want to build a new computer...8 core processor, 8+ gigs of RAM, at least 1TB of HD okay video card...I just want more processing power...*drool*. My current build is not really dying but it's definitely wearing down. The fan randomly gets loud and my DVD burner doesn't respond normally. I have to push the button at least 20 times before the tray comes out. Even with a disc inside, it takes at least three pushes before the tray comes out...meh....ghettooooooo...

I tried this BB cream in my latest video by the's uhhh too pale so I have to either mix with darker foundation or put on darker powder over but it's alright. The cool thing is that when you press the pump, the cream comes out half white and half brown.


  1. Awww your workmates are so thoughtful, and that kindergarten story is just soo cute ^___^ When I had my teaching practical, the kids underestimated my age .... eternally flattered hahaha :D We have 85* here too but the bakery aspect is more focused on, such lovely looking desserts ;___;

    1. really? I wonder if it's the same franchise. is it Taiwanese too? I never knew ajisen ramen or whatever was a chain from Asia. I don't know if they have one in aust. but yeah haha. ohhh i just googled it. it's the same chain. wow!! lol.. all i can say is...their cakes are hecka expensive lol. pretty though!

  2. huhhhh. you have ajisen ramen where u are too? we have that in toronto too!

    1. LOL yeah!! i never seen the toronto one. i know some girl in japan that posted a pic of ajisen ramen and i was like huh? there are quite a few chains from asia here

  3. you know whats funny.....i'm going to get braces soon!! i am sooo late on this. but when i was younger and had the chance, i really didn't think it mattered much but now i just HATE my teeth! guess whos sponsoring? my momma! lol.

  4. hmm.. i thought everyone whos had braces had to wear retainers forever. not sure.