Sunday, February 26, 2012

David Beckham Body Wear for H&M

Still working on this study guide. 5.5 pages to go...I shall go sleep now...(it's 6am)
Pictures taken from previous entry...
 Some textual thoughts about it is that it's better than packs of Fruit of the Loon or Hanes undies but not on par with CK, 2(x)ist, etc the more expensive brands. I'm wearing the trunks right now lol. I got them in gray and I got the briefs in white. I think it's worth the price. What I wouldn't buy are the Beckham t-shirt, tank, or those pants. If you buy them for workout gear, I can buy tanks for so much cheaper and I can just cut old worn out t-shirts. I don't really see the need for his pants. He was going for stylishness and comfort but I don't see what is so stylish about thermal tights or black pajama/ lounge type pants. 

The briefs give me half wedgies but the trunks make my butt look good... :D ...~


  1. Lovely blog.

  2. David Beckham is more an advert guy now these days..

    1. well he is kind of old when it comes to being an athlete so he's smart to branch out into other markets + the team he plays for right now isn't exactly great (? i don't know crap about soccer lol)

      more of an advert guy...more of a dad
      he's basically the english ver. of hidetoshi nakata

  3. David Beckham, together with H&M?
    I wish H&M was in Australia


    Nice blog, btw Peter. New follower! :)

    1. hello!! i'm sure they'll expand there sometime in the's such a big global swedish brand.

      i wish they topman, zara, and uniqlo would have more stores throughout metropolitan los angeles...*tear*