Saturday, February 25, 2012

Now if I wrote you a love note and made you smile at every word I wrote

What would you do?

I'm having a Justin Timberlake flashback phase thing where I'm listening to his solo albums over and over.  I also wasted like a whole late-late night watching old Destiny's Child and Beyonce performances. Oh the things you end up doing when you want to avoid something productive.

I'm writing an entry while I'm digesting. I have a midterm on Monday so I'll be spending the rest of my weekend working on this study guide. While checking my school email today, I got an email stating that one of the classes I registered for will be cancelled because of budget reasons.  

Excerpt from the email:
"We are serving more students than we are getting funded to serve, and we have to cut full or well-enrolled classes for Spring 2012 in order to balance our budget. We are also in danger of overshooting the enrollment targets set for us by the California State University system for the 2011-2012 academic year: if our final enrollment totals are 3% over the target, then our campus will get a $5 million budget cut for next year. While the current budget situation is dire, the additional $5 million cut that would automatically happen if we are overenrolled in Spring would be catastrophic."

Umm...maybe they should streamline the whole bureaucracy at school better so they know for sure there would never be a case of over-enrollment? I guess I'll just take two classes and a lab this semester opposed to three + the lab. Now I need to email my boss telling her I could work more hours than planned...heh...My friend says those two classes I'm going to take are easy but then I also work while he doesn't, so I don't really have as much free time to be a slack bitch.

So anyway, I went out for dinner twice this week. I didn't really do anything much besides that.  Took several pictures though. Weeeee~

Wish I had more steady

The picture from my DSLR is better than my cellphone picture though.
I should've taken a picture from that spot with my DSLR instead...We need more downtown nightlife without having to walk past large plots of empty parking lots (I've complained numerous times about wishing there would be another building boom here...huhu T-T). Initially my friend and I were suppose to go to Earthen in Hacienda Heights area for Chinese food on Monday night, but my friend texted me saying they were closed on Mondays so I was in classes looking through my Yelp! app and seeing what else was around. We ended up going to Suehiro Cafe which is on "Ramen Street" of Little Tokyo. The food was alright. I wish I got those plates instead but when I was looking through the menu I didn't really feel like eating fried food like katsu or tempura. The dumb thing was that my friend was WRONG and that they are actually OPEN on Mondays. For a while, they were closed on Mondays and Tuesdays and someone posted a picture of that on Yelp but the hours on the site still said it was about confusing...(not that it matters to the business because that restaurant gets so much business that they don't really lose much).
 I got the Chicken Teri Don over rice.
Chicken Karaage (which was much tastier than my teriyaki)
My friend got this.
Lol~ my DSLR pictures versus my cellphone's gives totally different vibes. We wanted to try this one espresso dessert thing but they didn't have any so we ended up going to Yogurt Land for froyo. 
I probably sound crazy for saying this but that was the first time I ever went to Yogurt Land. I got over the whole froyo thing a long time ago before they started cranking out a bunch of flavors so I never bothered to go to Yogurt Land. I only ever really liked original tarte flavored froyo with oats anyway. I had my fill from our, like, ten sample cups. My favorite flavors from there would probably be green tea, the oreo one/ cookies and cream one, vanilla, and the mango tarte one. 

I just realized I didn't have any quizzes this week for both my classes that have required readings. Hate reading when you don't really need

On Wednesday, Lisa randomly asked me to hang out after I got home from class. It was very random since she's car-less right now and stuff but I drove, so it was whatevers. She didn't know where to go and just wanted to hang so I was like...if I leave right now, we can make it to Earthen (because Earthen closes at 9:15pm). We shared a bowl of jajjangmyun, green onion pancakes, and fish dumplings. It was preeeeetty delish. The green onion pancakes was sooo good. The frozen ones don't compare. Restaurant jajjangmyun also doesn't compare to packaged ones. Packaged ones totally taste like crap on a stick. 
On Friday after work, I went to the mall because I haven't gone in a couple weeks so I ended up walking out with some David Beckham Body Wear for HM.
I'll make a video about it but some textual thoughts about it is that it's better than packs of Fruit of the Loon or Hanes undies but not on par with CK, 2(x)ist, etc the more expensive brands. I'm wearing the trunks right now lol. I got them in gray and I got the briefs in white. I think it's worth the price. What I wouldn't buy are the Beckham t-shirt, tank, or those pants. If you buy them for workout gear, I can buy tanks for so much cheaper and I can just cut old worn out t-shirts. I don't really see the need for his pants. He was going for stylishness and comfort but I don't see what is so stylish about thermal tights or black pajama/ lounge type pants. 
 The briefs give me half wedgies but the trunks make my butt look good... :D ...~

Yep! that's pretty much it.

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  1. i would probably be very excited- i've never received a love letter before!

    it's funny you took photos with your phone then with the dslr.

    i don't think i've had jajjangmyun before..maybe once. the instant kind. you're right. i think it was horrible.

    i recently saw this hidden camera prank on ellen featuring david beckham. soo funny! if you haven't seen it yet: