Sunday, February 5, 2012

Soompi Beauty Swap, Etude House Magic Bubble Peeling, and a Tag Videoo!

Okay it's the butt crack of dawn basically and I did half my study guide for my midterm on Monday, so I'll just put this in really quick and go to bed. I'm gonna finish the rest when I'm up and hope for the best (as always...)!

I ordered some stuff from Missha and and I was kind of excited to try some of the stuff so I recorded three videos and spent my friday night recording and editing till dawn. I'm crazy. I literally felt  bits and bits of my bodily functions shutting down and going to sleep mode as I was condensing my last video, lol.

Does my new angle make any difference? lol. I want to take my camcorder out and show you guys some stuff around metropolitan LA but that won't be for awhile. I want to do it when my hair grows out really long and I take metrorail to get my haircut. Right now, I'm just gonna have the sides trimmed and leave the top growing so I don't really need to go to a salon for that. ~ Zzzer.

I took out my "recent comments" widget on the side and replaced it with my twitter feed. If you ever used that widget to keep track of my comments, you can use blogger's "comment" section in the dash to see my reply to your reply.  I'm still sort of learning how to use twitter though. I barely learned that the "connect" section on my twitter app is where I look to see if people directed any tweets towards me. I only have one follower though and I get these occasion bots or porn bots that follow me for awhile and then I'm just using it to ramble mostly. It's the stuff I don't want on my tumblr nor my facebook. Funny how I have all these outlets.

Okay! here are the videos.

My crappily made video trying to push for people to use the "beauty swap" topic. I know there are a bunch of you ghost readers! Watch as the background keeps moving around. LOL.

If you noticed that I bought the Etude House Magic Bubble Peeling, I made a video of it for those who are curious as to whether it is a good product to buy or not. I, for one, don't really like it. I forgot to mention that the "dead skin" that's rubbed off with this product is very white like the mousse which is part of why I come to believe that it doesn't work as well as a peeling gel would. I seriously think it's just the product drying up and then rubbing off! But who knows, there are probably people who like it. *shrug*

This is the "Get to Know Me" TAG video. Bandwagon-ed it because it looked fun from what I saw. I blabbered for like 16 minutes and ended up condensing it and applying to remove the time limit on YouTube. Aish! I actually dislike making such long videos because 15 minute videos in 720p end up around 700mb AND MY INTERNET AIN'T FAST. For awhile I was considering rooting my phone and tethering internet to upload because my phone's upload speeds are actually faster than my DSL. My phone is so weird though because you technically don't even need to root and you just use the PDAnet app but, when I tried it, it wouldn't frackin' find my phone. Damn my rebranded Huawei to Motorola phone...-___-.

As I mentioned already before, I got kind of product happy when I got my packages on Friday so I opened and tried my stuff after I bought some dinner. I bought some Milani stuff because apparently their stuff always has rave reviews so I wanted to try. I got the "easybrow" pencil in dark brown, infinite liquid eyeliner in unlimited/brown, and the "multitasker face powder" in tan. The eyeliner is pretty awesome because I have two other ones and they effing smudge on to my eyebags and eyelids because I have single eyelids and my skin, like, folds over? The other ones I have are the Maybelline "eye stylist" and that Revlon one that I can't find to know the exact name of. I just hate removing it because it is very smudge and water resistant. I use those makeup removing wipes over my eyes several times and then pond's cold cream on a q-tip to much work...

Initially, I was expecting to use the multitasker face powder to contour because the color I wanted from wasn't there and "tan" was the next closest one to my skin color. I'm glad it worked out and I like it! It's build-able to medium coverage and it's doesn't look caked on if you apply it multiple times. It's also suppose to absorb oil and reduce shine. I put my Physcian's Formula Conceal RX in Soft Yellow to conceal my ugly acne and that doesn't match my skin at all (you can see in my "guy's guide to natural looking BB cream" video). I only used the powder to even out the rest of my face and go over the concealer, and it blended over pretty well. It doesn't claim that it doesn't clog pores and stuff though. Hopefully it doesn't give me even more acne. As of now, it doesn't but I have acne either way.

Okay, I gotta stop typing. I might post another entry before Monday. I'm still waiting for my Topman package. I bought from them again and it didn't come as fast as the first time I ordered. I hope that it's coming next week and that no one stole my package from the royal mail!! T___T


  1. Haha! Peter you are adorable. Yay for advertising the beauty swap! I'm glad we were able to get at least one. I need to organize my items so I can post them up too.

    Some of the Etude House are a miss or hit. I buy a lot of things from the brand and there's only been a couple that I absolutely hated but otherwise they're decent. They're pretty much drugstore equivalent.

    You should try the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner. It's a little pricey at $18 but definitely worth it. And try using a little bit of olive oil to remove the eyeliner.

    I hope you get your Topman package soon especially that shirt! =)

    1. If you're talking about the mickey one. It's OOS again and shipped without it. them fuckers. zzz. Lol. but i'll be getting some expensive'ish nice tshirts and a cute polo i'll probably wear every once in a blue moon ~_~v

  2. I really like the format of your blog. cause its soo much like xanga, haha. simple and aestheticaly (sp?) pleasing :)

    1. awww thanks! i'm thinking of changing the top and bottom banners before prada goes after me...that is...if i ever get that much traffic to get me into some trouble like that haha.

      i actually really liked xanga (except for the fact that they forced banners on everyone and essentially mooched money from everyone's traffic)

  3. hmm i guess what i meant was that i only wanted to change the column width of text in each post, and have everything else on my page the same. and because i write after all my photos, that's what i meant by "under" each post. not sure if that makes sense!

    i believe my blog is from the "simple" blog template. i only know basic html, so i changed it to my liking.. i plug in numbers to random parts of the code doing trial and error until i find the right code to change. ha ha ha. so sad! but anyway, right now i only know how to change the width of my ENTIRE blog. can't seem to figure out how to adjust blog post width. actually, i did figure that out but it changes the whole blog spot width that the photos get squished to one side so i'd have to adjust the photo sizes. i dont want to do that. i am rambling and i'm pretty sure i've lost you many sentences ago.