Saturday, February 23, 2013

Turning 24.

So this is the second year where I've taken out my birthday on Facebook and not really tell anyone that my birthday has come up. In a sense, I've given up on people actually caring about my birthday and whatnot. I'm so over so called "friends". And then in another aspect of things, I feel like it's just added pressure of trying to make something of myself.

Besides the "Catwang" app, "Photowonder" has the next best stickers. lulz.
I can't remember if I was born during the day or night. I've asked my mom before but I don't want to ask her again. The only person I told my birthday was this kid who I pick up from school and he's in kindergarten, so I was like "guess who's birthday is tomorrow?!" and he guessed the wrong person first and then said "you?". Oh~ how I find ways to amuse myself. Did you guys know that even if you can't afford supplemental extra early childhood education for your child, just talking to them and having conversations with them adds to their speaking skills incredibly? One should also note that, holding conservations with a kid and talking to them as if they are babies is two different things. When you treat and talk to a kid (5+ years old) as if they're still a baby, it just makes it okay for them to be immature and cry their way for anything.
When you're like 19, turning 24 seemed like it would be a relatively long time...
My political philosophy professor was telling us how there's a certain joy in waiting for things and how the joy is temporary, so he used an example of his own kid and how he asked if he could open his present early. He pretty much explained why his present should be opened on Christmas day. Otherwise, the toy he'll get won't be appreciated the same after a week anyway. So when a kid at work told me that his brother has more toys than he does, I asked him if he thought it was fair or does he think toys are really that important to him. I used the same reasoning and told him that even if he got new toys to be equal to his little brother, he'll get bored of it later on anyway. The kid totally amazed me when he agreed to what I said. My god~ I need one of those to raise as my own. There's also this other kid at my work who's a big Star Wars nerd and would ask me all these science related questions because he's, like, wayyyy too intellectual for his age (he's 8 or 9, I think). He's like Stewie from Family Guy. Even if he's evil and annoys me sometimes, I want one of those too (haha).

Just spewing out some food for thought~
Funny how I don't see my little cousins the same way I do the kids at work. But then again, I see the kids at work much more often than I do my little cousins. Whenever I hear my them enter my house, all I can think of is "what can I do to keep them occupied and not make a mess?". My brother learned to print out coloring sheets for them and they just held on to them until I came downstairs. If it wasn't for me asking if they wanted to color, they wouldn't ever have been able to. My brother is such a fart face. I LOVE how my brother just half asses everything. After coloring, I asked them if they wanted to watch a movie and HJ (the boy) asked if I had anything Ninja Turtles. Sadly, all I got was Wall-E and UP! on DVD (LOL). We ended up watching UP! since I haven't watched it in a long time. I ran into my room and they followed me (which I didn't want them to). I then got the DVD and said we'd watch it in the living room so HJ and the little sister starting going back down. Funny thing is that little sister took one step and said "I can't go down" in Cantonese to me and I'm, like, all "LOL" inside and carried her down. She's not much of a talker and has this pissed off face all the time so I can't really read her. I gave her my Domo plush to carry around for the rest of the time she was over.
HJ actually looked part Caucasian when he's was still an infant, lol. Now he just looks like some big eyed little Chinese boy with big wide The Joker lips. Little sis looks like she's attacking her coloring sheets. She doesn't know how to color within the lines yet...
My Valentine's day was romance-less and loveless as usual. This beetch ain't got no time foe DAT~! (just kidding. not really. I don't know). All I can do is eat some sigh pies and watching some sappy movies. Also, all I can imagine is that there's someone out there who loves 30 Rock, Parks and Recreation, and all my other shows as much as I do. That someone idolizes Anderson Cooper and admires his work ethic too, while catching up and making up for the mistakes he's made in his past. He's like the biggest loner around but knows he's not the victim of anything and makes the best out of his situation. A lover of pop culture, music, FOOD, and fashion with an open heart and mind. Hates drinking and smoking, finds things typically seen as boring to others fun to him. He's also working hard to make something of himself before he welcomes someone special into his life. We'll meet someday, we will.
(That's probably the gayest thing you've ever read in a long time, I know. I don't even ask to be loved. We'll cultivate that, LOL.)

For Chinese New Year I got a whopping amount of red envelopes. I got a whopping FOUR red envelopes. I don't really care too much since I work, but yeah. I feel like times like these, I'm being culturally disconnected from my heritage because we're not as festive anymore.
At work, my coworkers are grouped together to make an activity on Friday so they have something to look forward to. I haven't done one in forever and I'm kind of glad I don't have to do these because the last time I did it, they were short staffed and I had to do this OTHER assignment which was frickin' retarded. What's the point of teaming me up with someone when we aren't even able to be a team in the first place. That day still bothers me.
Within the last month, I went out for socializing once? lol. With my, like, only friend Lisa. My other friend who's currently working in Hong Kong said she is going to be coming back in November or so... (9 more months!).  But anyway, I've been wanting to try okonomiyaki for the longest time and Lisa misinterpreted a Krispy Kreme deal so I looked up a restaurant that served it in the Rowland Heights area. We settled for "Ojiya" which was a restaurant known for their skewers. We didn't really get those though because I actually wanted a meal and not just numerous amounts of skewers. I got an eel bowl and Lisa got some fresh fish bowl since she eats anything but red meat or pork. And thus, we got the seafood okonomiyaki rather than the other choice. I don't have much of a preference when it comes to meat though, so it's all long as it's good...(?)
The okonomiyaki was a bit too sweet for my liking. I was expecting like a seafood pancake type of thing but it wasn't the case. We should've opted for the takoyaki. Maybe that would've tasted better...

We started this thing where when we would eat out in my birthday month, I would go to Krispy Kreme for some donuts. The first time it happened, I had korean fried chicken from "Kyochon" in the same area, but that place closed down a couple years ago. 
Ughhhh~ supposedly, they're expanding in southern California. Maybe there will be one closer to home in the near future. I didn't get to get any heart shaped donuts this year because we went there are night : (
Afterwards, we just went to Round 1 to take some purikura pictures because we're so routine and lame. I don't like their new machines though. They have this automatic thing where it enlarges your eyes for you and we look freaking whack as hellllllllllllllll~
Our most normal looking pictures.
Pictures from my phone.We were so ugly in high
Other than that, I don't really have much to say. I registered for my spring quarter classes. I could only find two classes to fill again that wouldn't get in the way of work. I'm most likely going to skip out on working the summer so I can have an 8 week break to myself. I'll hopefully find some classes to take during the summer so I can inch ever so closer to graduating also. I'm currently taking this Political Analysis/ Quantitative Research class that I'm required to take and it's totally killing my self esteem. I never want to become a political analyst or deal with any type of statistical research, man. Also, during our lab time in that class, we just use this book for step-by-step instruction on how to use a data computing software (IBM SPSS Statistics) and I don't know how people who want to work in the computer field can just sit in front of a computer at school all day and look at books like that. I just pray that the class is curved and I get at least a C so I don't have to repeat the course. GOD!!~~ It's those times where you just want to give the fuck up on college but you're so close to finishing already.

As for my fitness goals, I was hoping to have a perfectly flat stomach by my birthday like I stated on my Instagram. Sadly, my goal didn't really happen. I still have that stubborn pooch but I'm slowly leaning out and although my stomach isn't perfectly flat, it looks much better than what it was two years ago. I went through my pictures trying to find good comparable pictures but all I've been faced with is regret for flexing my stomach, using different quality cameras, and altering lighting. Guess that shows how self conscious I am of myself. When I'm moving my hips, jumping around, and doing chest pops like an insane person in my room though, I can definitely see that my stomach is tighter. I also feel more meat than chub when I put my hand on my waist, and I can say that it feels damnnnn good.

Even though all my before pictures in the last year are looking the same to me, on with the pictures.
Oh~! here's an old picture of Lisa and me 4 years ago. Just for kicks to compare to the above pictures (LOL). If you think we were boring looking then, you can imagine how much worse we were in high school. These were all post-high school.
3 years ago.

2 years ago.
2010 (I think...) vs. 1/25/2013...  is there even a difference? ; O ; ~ Basically, I got more of an upper body and bigger back.
one's taken farther away and one's up closer (and more focused)...poooooooch... 2/20/2013
that vein is getting longer~ wooooo and my pooch. FLAT STOMACH PLZ. (also taken on 2/20/2013)
BODY LIKE THIS PLZ. T__________T~~ (image source:
Soooo, I guess, I lost some weight in my face and my tits are, like, better looking but still not up to where I want them to be. I'm hoping to see more definition when it's closer to June. If only, I didn't eat so horribly (in normal person standards). My weight went down and then back up, so I've given up weighing myself. I don't really have time to anyway. But as of last night February 23, I'm 168 pounds...again. Once I'm done with school, I can commit more time to doing more focused workouts because I'll finally get a gym membership and I'll be able to prepare my own meals rather than buying from fast food joints. I do know I'm going somewhere though. I can fit into some of my old jeans after all. I've also never, IN MY LIFE, seen veins show the way do they now, so I'm doing something right. I just wish it didn't have to take so long to lose. GAH! It's been about 7 months since I've started taking cardiovascular exercise more seriously. It's only starting to seep in now that 7 months is a short amount of time (contrary to all the infomercials).
After asking Lisa about her use of the Nike+ app over dinner, I decided to try it myself. It just so happened that I began using it at the start of February. Even though I'm battering my legs like crazy, I think I've doubled my distance traveled because I overestimated the amount I ran previously. I'll probably be at around 75 miles by the end of the month.
I run 2-4 times a week. I ran earlier today (2/23), so it's now at 60.58 mi and 6363 calories. It was a light run. Today's not a cardio day :d ~ Added to today's workout since my mom worked. There were no errands to run.
Unlike Lisa, who uses it at the gym, I use it on a track because I don't have a gym pass yet. So instead of the phone's accelerometer,  I'm using the phone's GPS to track my speed, distance, and duration of my runs. On cardio days, I basically walk a mile, then run one, walk, run, until I ran 3 and walked 3. Afterwards, I just walk home so my log is all under 7 miles but more than 6.  The calorie counter I'm sure isn't accurate since it doesn't account for walking or running up inclines. Also the data it uses (height and weight) isn't specific enough to give an accurate estimation. It's either an overestimate or under because it doesn't take into account a person's metabolism too. Errr~ Either way, it gives a good picture, so I like looking at it. I haven't been able to beat any of my achievements in awhile but here's my achievement log so far.

Fastest 1K -- 5 minutes 6 seconds
Fastest 1 mile -- 8 minutes 16 seconds
Fastest 5K -- 38 minutes 51 seconds
Fastest 10K -- 1 hour 22 minutes 35 seconds

Keep in mind that I hate sports and I was never an athelete, sOOooooooo YAH.

Lastly, I ordered some stuff from Topman because I have chronic sales section checking disorder and stumbled upon some really cheap stuff that was in my size. I took the gamble and surprisingly all my stuff shipped. I, however, still haven't received them yet *sad face*. Hopefully, they'll arrive this coming week.
$5 (orig. $72... O_o)
$8 (orig. $44)
$15 (orig. $72)
$20 (orig. $36... I needed to get to the minimum for free shipping/ this will redistribute into the other
$10 (orig. $24... my current brown belt got all wonky and stretched... > _ >;;)
Basically, if you take my total and divide it equally amongst the 5 items, each item was $11.60. Not bad, right? :d~
The rest are images of stuff...but not all the stuff from my Instagram, since last entry
Some cheap'ish tanks from ASOS awhile back.
No pho for me...when we go out for pho.
My kind of food, if ya know what I mean~
It's that time of year again~
That is my shadow. I should've done a Beyonce silhouette. That would've been better. I have an ugly compression shorts tan which accompanies my ugly tank top tan now. Woopee....~
I found this while looking for washing instructions. I thought it was so witty and cool. PREEEEEAAAACHHH~!!
My wolf tank for wolfy powers! AH~WOOOOOoOOo.
Other than that, nothin' much has been happenin'. I gave myself a trim on the head but the rest of my sasquatch self needs some work. That can wait until spring break doe. yeeeep~

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