Monday, May 6, 2013

I'm more than just an option & I refuse to be forgotten~

I took a chance with my heart
And I feel it taking over
I’d better find your lovin'
I’d better find your heart.
I bet if I give all my love, then nothing’s gonna tear us apart~

Even though it seems like so, I certainly am not trying to make this a once a month thing. I've basically been preoccupied with work (4~hours), school (3~4 hours), and exercising (1.5~2 hours). Anything in between those, is usually sleeping, driving, watching my television shows, or eating. I really want a hunky body by summer but the likelihood of that happening, I think, is pretty slim. I can't give up eating like the average American... ; ~ ; so I'm taking it sloooooooow. Why can't getting a hunky body be as easy as studying for an exam? School is important but health + appearance is just as important *cry*. I find it odd that my weight is currently at 175lbs when I'm not taking any weight gainers or anything alongside my routine. I'm only 5' 6.5 too, so it kind of baffles me and scares me into thinking there's something wrong with me. I'm not any fatter but those cropped pants I have from UNIQLO, I can't button them anymore. *tears* As I slowly shed body fat, I'll hopefully be able to fit into them again (probably another year from now). Darn my legs! Sometimes, I wish I had twig legs so it'd just be easier to pull up bottoms and button while other times, I'm like "heheh...that guy looks funny" in my head whenever I dudes wearing ill fitting shorts when them twig legs. My legs are getting more distinctly vein-y though! If only the same could be said about my biceps, if only...

I wouldn't mind a not as lean DILF body like this, honestly. Jeeeezus *fans self*
I watched a few movies since my last entry. My favorite would be Wreck-It Ralph, then What's Your Number, followed by the dog turd of a movie called Magic Mike. I can't remember if I watched anything else along with those. I thought Wreck-It Ralph was really creative and had a great storyline. I like chick flicks, so What's Your Number was better than good to me. I feel like any movie with Chris Evans in it I'd like. I previously said the exact same thing in an entry but with Mila Kunis instead, lol. I basically watched Magic Mike because I was a horndog. For a movie that's targeted towards women and homos, the movie didn't really go anywhere and only spanned over a period of three months. Also, Matt Bomer never really had any lines in that movie, blasphemy! Essentially, I felt fat and underwhelmed from that film. Even though people think Channing Tatum is a butterface or something, I ain't gonna lie, he's nice to look at. *drops mic* --walks away--

What else...
I had my first taste of macarons since last entry. I felt underwhelmed about that too. They are more fragrant than what I'm use to, but they aren't that amazing. Very pretty though!
Lisa got me them from lette"
We went to Green Zone to eat since we haven't eaten there in a long time. That place is always delicious. Been going there before they even started turning a profit! ;)~
Satay beef pot + white rice.
Afterwards, we went to Milk And Honey (or something) which was like two stores down.
You get a huge ass mug of milk tea or whatever drink you'd like for like 3.50+ but the desserts were kind of mehhh~
The rest of my pictures are kind of artsy fartsy or pointless, so...yerrr.
I felt like I should've squatted in the middle of the road for a more "deep" picture. O hey~ look~it's my elementary school in this photo. Memory ghosts of little me crossing that same street over and over comes rushing to my head.
One of the most creative and adorable pencil sharpeners I have ever seen, yet.
Trying to be sort of carb free while simultaneously packing the protein and fibers.
mi crotch. i liked the whole grey thing going on.
So anyway, I've been thinking of what I'll be doing once I get a break from work because it'll be happening in about 3 weeks. I have finals the week following with a little week or so break before I start summer quarter. I guess, I'll be having a museum date with myself because I've really been wanting to go for over a year and I can't just sulk at home with my friendless self. I might make a video out of it depending on how adventurous I am feeling.  It'll be something along the lines of "Travelogue: The LA NHM", lol. When the time nears, I'll find a cafe to eat at and other stuff to make the plans more concrete, but it'll definitely be happening because I don't want to waste my free time just wasting away at home.
The new dinosaur hall has been opened since July of 2011 ( '__________' )
To close, I saw the dog I've been wanting so much at the park the other night. Ugh! I was all rainbows and unicorns inside while keeping a straight face. But anyway, while attempting for my last few classes required before I can register myself as a graduate (only could find one for summer quarter), I realized that I'm just that much closer to being able to get and care for one. Ughhh! lol And being as crazy as I am, I already have my names set. I know I've pointed out some names in the past but I'm pretty set on these; Cooper (for boy) and either Zoey or Mimi (for girl). The girl name is derived from my mom's name, so yeah. Zhou is her maiden last name, hence "Zoey". Mei is the first character of her first name so I didn't want to get too literal or chinese-y, otherwise it'd just sound like "little sister". I'm leaning more towards Zoey though. As you can see, I don't want a name that is too common but not to ridiculous either, yep. 
Okay, peace ya'll. -- Peter

Oh~! I forgot to show something I bought! I got these from ASOS before they were too nice to pass up. I'm slowly turning into an old man with all these polos, lol.
23.28 USD
16.63 USD


  1. Somehow happened to come across your youtube vids, and now I'm creeping your online life haha. Just wanted to say that I think you look great. I was thinking to myself : 'this guy really takes care of his body, I wish I had a body like that'. So I'm surprised you have some insecurities after reading this post, but I guess we all do! And please no twig legs ;P

    1. lol hi! and thanks. you're sweet. i'm a positive person, but yeah. i need to be level headed too...hence my insecurities. i'll take note on the legs ;P ~ *prays the thigh fat away*