Thursday, December 12, 2013

Two Months Later...

Okay, I just ended up changing my layout a bit because the whole thumb + auto-preview formatting thing wasn't cutting it. At least now, it's easier to embed things (like Instagram videooos!).

I wonder if I can recap my almost 2 months of leaving this for dead. Basically, my batshit crazy professor scares the shizzat outta me, so I've been reading and trying to retain as much information as I can in an effort to NOT fail. It was a class on Mexican politics and I know almost nothing about Mexico, besides knowing some shitty Spanish. Finals are over. I will check my grades when Christmas nears, I guess. I need to take another look at my academic progress report online anyway because I'm literally 6 units away from graduating, and I just need to make sure it's happening. I also need to file the paper work for graduation which I was suppose to do 20 weeks ago, but yeeeaaaaah. My friend said they're going to scold me because of it but whatever. I don't plan go attend the ceremony for it and it's not like I'll need my diploma immediately anyway. 

Lol, I always thought it'd be cool to have a diverse portfolio like..."Hi! I'm a certified teacher with a massage therapy, personal training, and bar tending license. I also have a bachelors in Political Science concentrating on Public Administration. Furthermore, I'm also a YouTube personality and blogger". I'm sure interviewers would just look at that with an eyebrow raised though (lol).

But anyway, I also spent a whole week or so writing a 21 page paper on the Obama administration for my senior writing class. That class is easy though because the teacher is so nice. I wrote a lot of stuff on my midterm and barely cited anything (even though I skimmed through the entire book) and ended up with a B+ on my midterm. That left me a little, like, "woah~" because my other professor is scary (lol). She reminds me of the actress who plays "Veep" if I haven't already stated it before. During my paper writing, I really could've utilized a second monitor so that it'd be easier to read a source on one screen and type on the other. My brother, however, uses it to fucking play online games on one and streams sports games on the other which bugs the shit outta me because I find it so unproductive.

Back to food though! Ummmm... going back to where I left off on my last entry in October, I had this chirashi bowl with Lisa and a small boat of sushi at R2 Kazoku. Although good, I don't think it was worth the $30 or so spent on it. Our boat's sushi selection (it's random) also wasn't as good as our first one.

On Halloween, all the little kids dress up so I always look forward to seeing them. This was my favorite costume of the day. It was DIY! I think his mom (and probably dad too) made it. He's a boba milk tea (from Half and Half, to be exact)!! When I got home at looked at my Instagram, I noticed he had no arm holes, so I don't know exactly how he went trick-or-treating. SUPER CUTE THO!   
A couple days later, I went out to dinner with a group of former coworkers in Little Tokyo. We went to a sushi place in Japanese Village Plaza. I just don't remember which one. We ordered a $80 sashimi party plate and some rolls. It was delishhhhh. Afterwards, we walked to The Pie Hole in the Arts District and oh my goddddddd! Their pies are freaking DELISH too!
My earl grey pie with a latte.
All the other pies. I've been craving their maple custard pie ever since. T___T It's so FUCKING AMAZING, man! IT'S LIKE CREME BRULEE IN A PIE!!!
Moving on, as I walked out of the university bookstore after buying a couple blue books because I had no more one day, I noticed the library and the bridge between to two wings of it say WEEK 6 (or 7, can't remember). I thought it was cute, so I took a snap.
I'm still trying to get a killer body by my 25th birthday. I didn't work out for a whole week during that paper though. That's like 5,100 potential calories left unburned. I'm also kind of sore now, as a result. One night, I came home from running and noticed my favorite compression shorts broke. It had already broken under the crotch area but it's not like anyone could see, so I kept wearing it anyway. After it officially gave in, I threw it away after asking my mom if she could salvage it, but she had her doubts. I ended up buying 2 Nike Pro Combat ones from after that. I bought them in size S because I followed the size chart but WOMG unworn, they're like super tiny. I can wear them but I'm scared that the seams and thread would break all the time. I do prefer them in S though because it at least compressed. My other Under Amour ones aren't so compress'y so I basically wear them to keep cool and not let people see my LITERAL ass sweat. ~ O ~!
I hit blue level on Nike Running during my absence! YATTA!! Still "fat" tho. I fit into some of my pants better, while some don't even fit at all. I thought my legs would get more skinny!! AHHHHHHHHH!!!
Once I think I look SMOKIN' in this...I'll be happy...*shifty eyes*
I had this one Thursday night. Don't have much else to say about it besides the fact that it kept me from being hungry.
I liked my outfit this one Sunday, so I took a picture of it. It's a panda and I'm not wearing any makeup, by the way.
And then one Thursday night, Lisa and I went to Earthen! It was more dead than usual for a place that is delish and always has good business. But anyway, we got an order of dumplings, green onion pancakes, and shared a bowl of seafood jjajjangmyun/zhajiangmian. Oh mah gewdness~ my heart is racing just thinking about it.
A week later, my good friend since elementary school came back from Hong Kong since she was in between jobs. She spent three weeks back here for Thanksgiving and then went back to Hong Kong to start her new job. She's like one of those true transnational people. She holds a Hong Kong passport, so she doesn't even need a visa or anything. The only sucky thing for American citizens, though, is the fact that we still have to pay federal income tax on money earned abroad. That was something new I learned recently o_O (and not from her).
I've known her since kindergarten (or...1st grade? LOL)...and our noses look huge here.
Our other friend was with us too. We all went to elementary school together. Our moms know each other LOL.
I was so glad I didn't have to drive that day because my friend moved houses and literally moved to the outskirts of the county. It felt like I was in the suburbs of Vegas or something. At least at home, I can see the top of US Bank Tower in certain parts of town but that was literally like...butt of the county. There's no pedestrian activity past 8:30pm. It's that dead. Only upside to it was that Class 302 was only a 10 minute or so drive down south. I haven't gone there in awhile and they remodeled the inside and updated the menu. It's more inline with their other locations now. I'm kind of sad my favorite shaved ice choice isn't on the menu anymore as set choice though. We opted for the "honey boba" one instead because I didn't want to do a custom order. The waiter later said there was no boba and asked if we wanted to substitute it with something else, so we got aloe instead. I didn't take a picture of it though, so I don't even know why I'm explaining all this but it was really good too. Here was my dinner for the night:
Pork intestine and oyster vermicelli noodles. Besides the sand in the oyster, it was delish. Pork intestines...mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmhhhhhhh *drool*
I think that's all that's happened so far following my instagram timeline. I did purchase some stuff over that period too and will make a video on it in the coming days or week. Oh~ I also got my first legit credit card. I have two now but by legit, I mean perks. I got my first credit card with rewards. My other card is a credit card in the most basic sense that it just allows me to buy things without paying in cash. I feel even more adult'ish now, because of it hahaha...I got on the Chase Freedom card deal if anyone's curious. Supposedly, you can only get one in your lifetime because of the initial perk of it. You have to sign up for it during a good offer period though. Otherwise, it won't be as great. I have to spend $500 within the first 3 months of using the card and I'll get $200 back (which is 40%). The rest of the perks is 1% cash back on all purchases and 5% cash back on selected retailers per quarter. For October to December, one of the retailers is so I bought that micro four-thirds camera I've been wanting for about $650 total (meh~ sales tax). If I calculate everything right and get all the cash backs, I'll get $200 back + about $29.99 from the 5% cash back, so my camera would eventually really be $420'ish dollars. I also get 2% back in a discount from Amazon due to a promo they're doing on cameras which amounts to about $11 on a future Amazon purchase.
Sony NEX-5TL, you'll be mine this Friday... + I have a huge credit card bill to pay soon (doesn't help that I JUST handed my mom $500 in twenties heheh...)
To end, I'll go off on a little tangent because I've been asked this since my last entry quite a bit. Are you married? Do you have a girlfriend? It kind of annoying because even though I'm not that old, I'm getting near THAT age. Kids don't know any better but it's funny when they ask me if I'm married. It's guys, I'm only 10~15 years older than y'all but still...PRESSURES OF SOCIETY *cryz*. No, I don't have a girlfriend because I don't like girls the way the way I "should". I don't say that to kids though. I don't want them to be weirded out and it's kind of a touchy subject. I'm always like "no, I'm too selfish and ugly to" which is half true (lol). It was so cute when this second grader asked me that and I've picked him up from school for much of last year (when he was a first grader). I always felt a little closer him (especially due to the fact that there would be days where he'd cry and not want me to take him to his after school learning center. He'd be crying and I'd be standing in front of him saying "you got in trouble today, didn't you? you don't want to leave because you know your dad is gonna find out, right?" and he'd nod while wiping his face). He asked me the questions that really grinds my gears and I replied, "no, I'm too ugly". He paused, and then says "you don't look ugly". I, then, was like...AWWW (because his voice is so cute and all). And then there's this other girl, but in 5th grade, who asked because she broke up with her boyfriend and I'm like "what? but you're so pretty (not even jokin')" and she's like AW~thanks~ followed by some crap about pissing him off or something. I told her to stick to being a kid because you're wasting your time and energy on something so petty. My aunt also asked me recently, "do you have a girlfriend yet? If you do, I want to meet her". I'm like OMG~ (in my head) and said to her (and in front of my mom) that I'll never get married...UGH LIFE!! financial independence, is all I ask for. I just want to be successful in life, for the most part. SCREW ROMANCE.
That is all.


  1. A lot of the people that I went to high school and college with are married with children. At first I felt like I should be getting married and having children but when I look at it I'm probably one of the few who can say that I've purchased my own house without a co-signer at my age. I wouldn't worried too much about it. Like my mom says, "yours just haven't shown up yet".

    1. well, it's kind of too far fetched for an angeleno like me LOL. on a similar note, i read condo sales are up because lawns and yards are considered a luxury in this day and age here.

    2. I think they are more a luxury in areas that are very populated. It means nothing in Minnesota. LOL!