Saturday, May 3, 2014

How Do They Do It?

I think I'm a pretty good at managing my time. I've allocated time to do this, this, this and that, yet there's still never enough hours in a day. Well, I believe partially it's because I really dislike seeing clips of myself, so I'm always deterring myself from editing videos. This shows how insecure I am, even if I try to keep my composure. I am, however, getting more into the nooks and crannies of Sony Vegas, so my videos are getting better. I mean, if I enjoy seeing the final outcome, then surely everyone else does. But then again, maybe I'm just giving myself too much credit. It's good to be critical too, right? Oh my god, what is going on.

Well anyway, apart from working part-time with the children, trying to get a super hot body by age thirty, and figuring out to do with myself from here on out, I'm wondering how other (video) bloggers do it. School's officially done with. I passed my last remaining classes with above average grades. My joke of a class which was meant to be taken when I just transferred I got a B+ in and to my surprise, I got an A- in my "Global Politics/Issues" class. I received a C from the same professor in a previous class. I was aiming for a B and wasn't expecting an A-. Shows how much group work and class participation can affect your grade *heh*. That class was so much easier though. I mean, MEXICAN POLITICS vs. GLOBAL ISSUES?! I knew NOTHING about Mexico's (political) history nor anything about their presidents (past and present). But to get a high mark from such a critical professor who also teaches grad students, I feel so accomplished in the fact that I redeemed myself to her. *breathes out a sigh of relief* I really admire her because she's like incredibly knowledgeable and well-read, so it really is a big deal to me. Now I just wait for my graduation application to process and I'll have a diploma in my hands via the postal service. I didn't register to attend a graduation ceremony though which is sort of a bummer, but not really. I know if my parents had to work, then the money would be more important than just sitting out in the sun and watching a group of students symbolically officiate the completion of their college life. However, the tricky part is now that I'm free with what I've been taught (which has no real application to the real world besides having learned and realized how stupid people are), how to utilize my knowledge learned both alone and in school to succeed. 

Vaguely, my plan right now is to improve upon this blog and my YouTube channel. That way, my income could grow a bit and I'll have something a bit more resume worthy. I'm trying to get into working in the media or web based media, more specifically. I know companies like AOL and Yahoo! are pooling more money into creating content with actual ads opposed to banners and advertisement space, so I think it's a good sector to try and get into. I have no other real talent anyway...-shifty eyes-. I just know lots of stuff in the news. I really love comic book movies, animals, and food. Furthermore, I bust my balls exercising because I want the kind of body I always see, yet don't have. WHAT ELSE AM I GOOD AT?   

As for my hopes in getting a dog post grad, the 50/50 thing might not be in my favor since the breeder hasn't really updated me with anything. She basically said she'd refer me to other breeders and asked if I'd like to be on her list for a future litter. However, she stated that she won't be breeding her other female until next year which I don't mind all that much. A year passes by quickly anyway. In the meantime, I'll just be obsessively checking my bookmarked breeders and the American Kennel Club site with false hopes. *tear drops*
--Last left off on 4/14/2014--

--Resuming 5/3/2014--
I crossed out what I typed above about the dog breeder not contacting me. I was jogging one night a week or two after last typing this entry with the breeder asking me if I had found a Samoyed yet because a buyer had backed out last minute. The email freaked me out because I wasn't even done running but I had a million thoughts going through my mind. "No, but should I really go through with this? This is a really big decision. This is a lot of money but I really want one. Am I ready for the responsibility? etc.". I pulled the trigger after messaging several people. I didn't even await their reply. I just screenied my email and sent it to them out of sheer panic. She replied to my email with a questionnaire which I assume is to better understand whether I'm fit for her dogs or not. That thing took me about 2 hours or so to answer and I emailed it pretty quickly. After that, she basically said she'll get to me in a week or next weekend. If she doesn't reply to it by tomorrow, then she's either busy or found another more worthy buyer TOT. If all goes well, I'll be getting a male dog who just so happens to be born three days before my birthday. I'll later then be torn between naming him Remy LeBeau or Titus. Remy because Gambit is one of my favorite X-Men and I can just imagine my dog having a french accent (lol). Titus because it's the name of Damian's dog in the Batman comics.
Basically, Titus (the Great Dane) got his name from the Shakespeare play Titus Andronicus. The play is said to be one of the most violent and tells of Titus being very brutal and a renowned general. It'll be pretty ironic if I happen to go through with this name since Samoyeds are so happy looking, but him being a general though...  


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