Friday, December 18, 2015

Finding Things To Have An Orphan Christmas

I find taste testing videos pretty fun to watch, so I'm going to do one for next week. Not sure what I'd like to do for the week after Christmas though. I'm welcome to opinions, although no one really comments my things.

In other news, I got my birthday thing fixed with Pearson Vue for the Foreign Service Officer Test. The process was kind of weird but I'm so glad it's fixed. I'm currently in the process of filling out the eligibility forms and whatnot. I'm not just quickly filling them out and then hitting the submit button because I'm scared I'll end up with another careless mistake again. After that, I am definitely going to start cramming more seriously. I've actually taken most of their recommended school subjects during undergrad but I can't rely on memory alone. I also have a lot of math to brush up on (and I hate math to hell).

On a random note, I find that more and more people seem to use those third party programs on Instagram to garner more followers and basically if you don't follow back within 48 hours, they'll automatically unfollow you. I find that it takes the fun out of Instagram because people are so caught up with numbers than actual photos, but who am I to say when I use it to solely follow dogs and hot fitness/model dudes. On the other hand, with Tumblr, there's the onslaught of porn tumblrs and those (now defunct) fan mail spammers that continue to do their thing without being halted. Basically, if I see a straight porn tumblr, a tumblr with reblogs that are solely links, or tumblrs with a URL in the description, I just block them but whyyyyyy should I be taking care of it??? (Obviously because they're so large and there's essentially no other site like it that they don't give a flying fuck and work at their own pace, but still! USER SATISFACTION!!).

Okay, that is all, I think.


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