Friday, December 25, 2015

Nightly Skin Care Routine For Guys

You know that feeling when you feel great about how you look in the mirror and then, you see yourself on video and cringe. The camera adds ten pounds, they say. I'm owning up to it though. I've trained so hard this past year. I only skipped one day of gym because I was so dead tired from Disneyland that I actually knocked out in the car (that never happens). Any other day that I couldn't go to the gym was because it was a holiday, which is basically around this month. I can't gym until tomorrow, so I have 2 extra hours of time to kill. I've been trying to finish up my FSOT study guide, in case I start working again real soon. So much US culture, history, laws, government, world geography, math, and managerial things to brush up on. On one hand, I like doing this because I get to learn or relearn stuff I liked to take classes in when I was in college. On the other hand, my hands are freezing and I can't write nicely because of it. My eyes also start to get tired and dry from reading and I just want to crawl into my bed and try to finish up Plants v. Zombies 2 on my phone....

When the 2nd of February draws near, you'll know when I'm flipping the fuck out because I'll vlog about it, possibly eating dinner in tears after completing my test. I don't know. In other news, I found out that SNOW got more stickers and this Sailor Moon wannabe one is especially amusing, so I had genius idea of getting my dog to be in it LOL.
I had Popeye's this Christmas Day. My mom didn't feel like cooking so she asked if my brother or I could go see if KFC or Popeye's was open on Christmas. I'm kind of surprised it was, to be honest, but it is a great opportunity for a business to make money due to fact that every other business is closed. 

Welp! I think that's all I have going on. 


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