Saturday, January 9, 2016

AussieBum haul (not really).

While I digest from eating way too much KFC fried chicken, I'll type here, I guess. WELP! I went back to my old job. I feel like a failure but at least I feel like I have more direction in life, once again. Maybe that time off was meant for me to "get my shit together". Let's just hope that I really am cut out to be a Foreign Service Officer and it'll lead me to a cool bustling city in East Asia or South East Asia. My test date is slowly getting closer and closer. I've been studying on my cardio days rather than reading comic books, but I get kind of bored after 20 minutes and take breaks in between my cycling.

I've also been trying to keep myself more in check by setting a time to wake up to every single day (including weekends). I'm thinking that maybe that way, I can still take naps without disrupting my actual sleep time too much. Other than that, nothing has really happened this week. It legit rained around here for two days and I got my online orders from the week prior.

Contrary to what I thought, the flock of resolutioners heading to the gym wasn't that huge? I'm not sure if it's because I'm just so use to going at the "dead" time or it's because there are three big name gyms competing for business in the area now, so people are more sprawled. Either way, I try to get home before 3AM and sleep before 5AM. I'm the worst and most nocturnal piece of trash to exist.

That's all.

Oh! My dog woke up with teary and swollen eyes again. I feel like his pink eye is very periodic which makes me wonder how guide dogs are taken care of? since they are known to be relatively healthy and all. As a pet parent, I feel horrible because all I can do is wipe his eyes with salt water solution and hug him, but he's a trooper and I've never really had any other problems like worms or anything.



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