Tuesday, July 28, 2009

bloody bored.

since i work with kids i try to not curse at all and i always have to try and find clean versions of songs i like. so sad hahah. so bloody = mother fuckin'.

and here are my kids battling eachother because i'm SUCH a cool teacher like that.

hope this works i never pasted a youtube vid to my blog yet
the quality of my cellphone camera sucks major balls i know and i can only record 30 seconds, sucks~ once i use up my 600 bonus minutes i'll change providers and get an unlocked phone for myself.

my mom felt like shit today because she couldn't sleep all night because of sinus problems so i drive her to the doctor...who also doubles as a skin specialist? or botox injector i don't know, i know dermatologist isn't the right word but wow walked into the building and it's like this skin clinic..and asked my mom 'this doctor looks at noses?"...lol it was like a waiting room/cosmetic showroom...weird and there were random pictures of janice man on the walls and in the booklets...

after her quick check up..my mom had some shots injected into her nose and prescription, we headed to the pharmacy to pick up her medicine. which was like zyrtec and some nasal spray

gotta head to the library after my dad comes with my car..i needa get gas..with my 5$ chevron giftcard i won from a scratcher game. woot woot~~and i need to vacumm my room and dust out my desktop. going to make my day productive even though i'm hella sleepy.

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  1. its so hard to not cuss in front of kids. i think i shall stop before i become a kindergarten teacher haha JANICE MAN! shes so pretty.