Thursday, July 23, 2009

i was going to go to the library to get some drawing resources for the kids in my class that actually like or want to draw but then i'll just save it for tommorow.

i helped my friend migrate to blogger, yey us.
made her layout pretty fast too but she hasn't made an entry yet so i don't know if there's still any tweaking needed.
check out the hello kitty-fied layout. i didn't even photoshop much, i just took some wallpapers from the sanrio site and cropped it and matched colors HEH.

oh man after being in canada for a week, i missed the kids at work a little but after my 1st day back. man hahah i don't miss much, there are the nice kids that like to talk with me and hang around but man, other want to frackin strangle em or something
i don't like throwing things away that kids make me, so i always find ways to keep them lol even if they're ugly. my coworker gave me the idea of putting this behind my closet door.
i'm going to spend like a mofo next month. i'm planning to get myself a 14" notebook, a refurbed ipod touch, and some weights. eesh.

california is in sucha craphole, i don't even want to leave the community college system lol T_T..i'm too scared to see how much the rest of college costs.


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