Monday, July 13, 2009

i'm sooo bored right now.
my stomach is eh...wanna take a crap again but i already took one.

so i'm blogging from canada, i'm still somewhat sleepy
i'd love to share pictures but this computer isn't mine nor' my cousin's (especially since i wanna clear up some space on my XD card on my fujifilm z5 camera.)

i'm staying in markham for the time being, this neighborhood is soo nice. wish my house looked like the one im in. heh.

the like friggin 20 lane highway is soo cooool and the pay to use express lanes, along with the constant traffic monitoring system in the highway and random english and french translations on everything. i wish our country actually cared about their citizens rather than listen to stupid ass corporations/lobbyists and making revenue (the US only spends about 3% of their revenue investing in roads and etc. that states themselves probably invest less, investment in education for california ranks at the bottom with poorer less populated southern states..sad.) the grass is so lush and green here too lol and it looks like its cold outside because of the random breeze blowing over from time to time but it's pretty nice and refreshing. if i was at home i'd be sweating in my stuffy room, if i wasn't at work. if i was at work then i'd be sweating my ass off there tending to my bratty little art kids and my dance class.

i went to niagra falls yesterday. it was cool i guess, not very exciting..and the drive was frackin long. toronto is just like california..everything is spread outt soo far but they have more high rises...i was expecting the falls to be it looked bigger on tv lol. i also went cherry picking...

i'm hoping to eat a freaking beaver tail but then i don't know because i'll be going to quebec tommorow or the day after. AYE! and i also crave korean food..i saw a korean place on my way to niagra though..

i'm also goddam sick of the music on my brothers ipod nano. especially when alot of the newer songs won't play because they're encoded differently or something.

i made an order from before my trip though!

bout 31$ per jacket..ish~ including that 3% international charge..from chase/wamu. i got shipping confirmation today~yeeuh~ should receive it by the time i get back to so. cal~


  1. You should burn the pictures onto a CD!
    So it'll be a lot easier OR buy a cheap USB and store them there :] ORRRR buy a larger memory card, do do do. Liking Toronto? When you heading to Quebec?

  2. I ordered from ASOS too! Still waiting for my order to come~
    Nice jacket btw, haha.