Saturday, July 25, 2009

Woot made a better layout for myself, since i did such a better job with lisa's layout than my first layout. lol

it's almost been a week since i've left toronto. huhu. i miss it but at the same time i'm kind of glad to be home. time to relive my memories of last week

my first plane ride was not bad, i don't see why celebs freak out...or it's all an denise richards..and just starts like a roller coaster and then a long bus ride and then a buncha turns and you land with some heavy braking. yeeah!

i basically went to toronto to accompany my mom, she was set on going to toronto to reunite with friends she hasn't seen in 10-30 years. i don't think i'll ever be invited or even have a student reunion when i'm almost 50. i have like no friends lol. after arriving at the airport, which is very nicely laid out with a neat monorail that snakes around. LAX is just eh...iono trafficky. we got picked up by an uncle and aunt of mine, it was about 5-6pm est, and we proceeded to go to another aunt's house for dinner...i had fkin vietnamese food, bbq and yumcha, most of my time there. it was very sad and sickening lol. on my way to the house i'd be staying in, the highway we were on was just friggin awesome.
apparently the busiest and biggest highway in n.america, highway 401 has 20 lanes.

the day after my mom's student reunion party, which had like your typical chinese wedding banquet courses...i went to niagra falls

the tour boat riding the rainbow~

it must be kinda sad to look at the falls from the NY side because there's all these resorts and casinos across from you. like a sick amount of hotels and casinos lol.

and then i lose track of my days and what i did but i went to pacific mall and market village to look around and take pictures, but yeah wow. best chinese mall ever lol. beats the plazas we got here. well except for the 3-5$ bobas...i can get them for 1$ here and they taste about the same.

and you see my fabulous mom walking as we check out the themed 3rd floor. we were suppose to go check out downtown as well but we would get stuck in traffic because it'd be time to get home from work, so i ended up going with a cousin of mine.

i can't look at these machines the same anymore after seeing these at pacific mall. they're such a joke here, so i bought 3 stuffs! 2 gloomy bears (the same color T_T) and i wanted this bape keychain thing but i ended up getting some retarded bear thing.

i wish i had more 2 dollar coins that day. SIGH!, i had more eventually and i wanted to come back but whatever...i ended up paying for the luggage fees back home with my 2, 2$ coins and rest of my left over canadian money.

during the middle of my 8 day stay in toronto, i took a 2 night 3 day bus tour to quebec...i stopped by the city of kingston, ottawa, montreal, and quebec city during my trip. did alot of sight seeing, it was tiring and sharing a bed with my mom sucked balls but i put up with it. lol. the first day of the bus trip i had no idea we would make stops to sight see, i thought we were just riding straight to montreal and i wore such stupid clothes, i wore sweat pants, a tank top and a hoodie for when it got cold, so i went to museums looking like that...
i really liked downtown ottawa, it's so beautiful there and how it's a bridge away from quebec, and how everything just turned all european looking with the horizontal stoplights and stuff. plus ottawa has all these museums and foreign embassies, so neat.

montreal was york like, there's like alot of graffiti and red bricks everywhere. big city...we went to this huge church in montreal but our tour guide had SUCH bad english and i don't think she even mentioned it in mandarin, but your suppose to donate atleast 3$ to enter the church, the crazy worker lady thought my mom put in only 2$ (it was actually 50 cents lol~) and totally grabbed her arm and told her to put 1 more in, and im like fuckin chill out and i just tossed in all the coins i had (which was like 3$ something) so we got in with like 4$~. lol. it was a nice place to see, but i'm not religious or anything so it didn't really have an significance to me. later on we went to the olympic stadium and the biodome to check out animals!

very hot...natural habitats...but neat nonetheless.

quebec city was nice and very had these cute tiny eco buses, which i didn't get a chance to take a pic of lol. but they were really cute hahaha

PFK!! anyone know what this translates to?

or does the word kentucky really start with a P in french? lol.

and finally. downtown toronto.i love metropolitan areas, thanks to an awesome relative named david for taking me, via public transportation and paying for me. i went to the scarborough shopping mall and took the rail to the subway station, where we would take that to downtown. so efficient...unlike LA...we got out in eaton centre, huge mall! but nothing really for me to buy, but fun to walk around and see..when we exited to go look around some guy was drawing a huge MJ memorial mural by chalk, it was pretty awesome.

love how clear the sky is it's smoggy..unless it rains lol

and then it was time to go home. :[

woo long post. for my...4 readers.
okay i'm hungry and i need to workout.


  1. yay for vacations! haha
    dang your trip to toronto seemed more fun than my trip to alberta. maybe because toronto is more city-ish and alberta has more agriculture. lol

  2. LOL YAY Lisa's transition to blogspot too!! Hehehehehehehehehe. Toronto is a nice place, although I've only visited the metropolitan areas, and Chinatown is like a block big hahaha. PFK= wannabe KFC? Can you say logo copyright violation!

    Holy shit, 20-lane highway!

  3. im pretty sure its legit, its just that its in quebec so they had to change KFC into french?

    so it'd be like chicken friend kentucky? does chicken start with P lol in french? because it does in spanish

  4. damn you were in my hometown