Wednesday, July 8, 2009

yey my first entry.
the layout is refreshing and clean..compared to my xanga, theres no ads either. cool beans.

i fly to toronto in 2 days. yeee~my first airplane the age of 20..lawl.

i worked out my shoulders and arms yesterday..strangely i'm not sore today..
maybe its because i always have children hanging off me and possibly giving me scoliosis lol

i accidently hit a cute little girl with an ice pack today..i felt so bad, she was all holding onto her nose and you just hear me go "are you okay?" over and over T_T...i gave her 10 harmoney[the currency at work] as my sorry to her..she then seemed to be more happy after that..which is good..oi. if only i found that other ice pack i gave this other little girl, because they frikkin tripped over eachother and they weren't even scuffed up or anything...musical chairs is dangerous...i feel bad for having that ice pack gone missing. eesh!

my drawing good and at the same time i have my bad kids...sigh* i have like two 7th 8th graders who could care less what the hell they do in my class...and i don't really care either as long as they sit miserably in my area. hah. some students amaze me by how well they draw, i would have never known. one even drew a picture for me ^ ^

she's going to be a 4th grader..funny grammar, mispelled my name haha.

my dance class and music&rhythm class is pretty rowdy but they mean well. oi.
kids are tiring but sweet

no one ever watches a movie when i'm supervising lol. during recess, today i initially wanted to watch finding nemo but the dvd was missing, so we ended up resuming 'the tale of despereux' or some shit like that, i didn't really care because i didn't watch that movie and i didn't watch it yesterday but some people were SOOO into it they wanted to finish, i ended up having some 6th graders play around in my room finishing the movie along with some JR Staff members watching, until they had to go make sandwiches for the kids who are going to knott's berry farm tommorow.

i finished all 3 seasons of the tv series 30rock...i want moreee.
and i want my goddam missha thing to come but i'll be in canada by then huhu


  1. I think that's what I like about blogpost, less ads if anything :) Awesome have fun in Toronto!