Monday, August 31, 2009

ahh it is so hot...and when it is hot and windy, shit starts burning up!!
this is actually my first time seeing a brush fire with my own eyes. kind of glad i don't live against the's a bad place to live near anyway because our mountains isn't made of's mostly sand and is part of the san andres fault...earthquakes!...the whole mountain is made by earthquakes.

it looks kind of cool at night...sad to say

today was kind of lame, today was the first day of school...expecting parking chaos i drove to the parking lot across the street and parked with plenty of other spaces around my car...which was kind of strange. couldn't see the mountains at all today and the air was really gross and i could look out the window and see that gray cast in the air. so anyway, i was really rude today, where people from my highschool would say hi..or i would say hi but i don't stop to make small talk...haha...i'm so sad...sucha loner. hate people who crowd classes trying to add because i unnecessarily have to stand because of it..hah.. and i saw lotsa people with great hair today. jealous hahah because my hair is so short and hard to work with huhu.

i get my top row of teeth deep cleaned tommorow along with fillings put in my cavity filled mouth...woo...then i'll find out about the oral surgeon for removal of my wisdom teeth..auugh


  1. thats a pretty pic very nice scenery...besides the lingering death mushroom lol

  2. by the way....whats the song called?

  3. the song is by khalil fong 方大同 and the title is red bean/hong dou/红豆