Tuesday, August 25, 2009

behh i just came back from the dentist.

i'm kind of tired and hungry. i keep spitting out blood because i just had a deep cleaning for 580$ each..my mom and i...so it was 290$ for each of us today since we cleaned only either the top or bottom half(mom did top half and i did my bottom because the dr said that cleaning and doing fillings for the top half would take too long [it was almost lunch time])...my mum paid...I feel kind of guilty now so i'll pay for my next cleaning and fillings session...290$ out of my checking acc...aiii, i only have like 600 something dollars in it too U_U...i won't be getting paid anytime soon until harmony tree opens up with their after school program...

during my check up the dr said that my bottom teeth are very crowded so i need to consider braces because it's insanely hard to clean some teeth and in between because they're like all tight..not sure about the top. i should ask him next week...my bottom wisdom teeth need to be removed my an oral surgeon and my top ones are optional but recommended...i want them out too but i'm scared of the costs..since they're all angled...

ahh the costs is killing me -_-; the cleaning...the fillings don't cost anything unless i want the cosmetic fillings, wisdom teeth removal (don't know the price yet because i have to go to a oral surgeon for it...bet it's going to be like 500$ a tooth)...braces..

so yeah my lips feel all fat now...and i gotta brush my teeth like super careful tonight
gotta buy a electric tooth brush as well for my mom because she got maddd sick tartar build up
kinda funny seeing her get lectured by a chola looking dental assistant..and my awful translating though

no one in america should go broke when they get sick. please watch and pass it on


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