Monday, August 10, 2009

in the news this week.

Sonia Sotomayor took the oath of office on Saturday. She became the first Hispanic and the third woman to serve on the U. S. Supreme Court.The Senate confirmed Sotomayor's nomination Thursday by a 68-31 vote.

hope to see a more diverse group of people leading the the US as the years pass, hope for a better future for everyone..low, middle and for healthcare reform plox...

A huge typhoon/asian hurricane has struck taiwan and china.

crazzzy flooding. yum yum global warming at its finest
and today i've got alot of things done.

bought my dad kfc for lunch this morning...after my little cousin went to costco with grandma and mommy, i helped my parents throw out some old furniture from the garage because some cats or possums or something...crawled on top of my DAM CAR and into the garage and played around in there..there was paw prints on my car!! on the windshield too O_O and on the other cars..ergh.. after that i wanted to go to target to buy a 2gb XD card for my camera and asked my mom if she wanted anything and so i got her a can of hairspray and then went to the grocery store to buy some fabric dye to dye this ugly cover my mom made for the back seat of my CRV...heh~after that i went to smart&final to see if i can find the caramel apple lollipops i liked to eat as a kid for my dance class kids, their performing my routine on friday and i wanted to congratulate them with candy ^__^b ~~bought some milk tea for myself and washed all 3 of the household's cars...made my brother pay some bills online and activate my mom's new credit card..woo~ and dyed that fabric which is now hanging to dry.

i also gave my hair a trim. shaved my chin pubes and popped an annoying pimple right smack dab between my eyebrows.

my laptop is coming on wednesday! yay.surprised lenovo gave me UPS 3 day shipping for free.

god i want this backpack..but err 70$+...i'll pass


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