Friday, August 21, 2009

oh my god today was such a mess.

so i was suppose to go see the dentist today and it was like a 10 minute walk from my house. it turns out that the doctor moved to a new location like 3 cities away a year ago. stupid piece of crap online location search database..

so my mom, brother and i walk back home, google map the price and drive there to find out that you're suppose to be assigned a place to get a check up and not find one yourself...sooo the lady helped us call to see what is up and my mom and i are just bitterrr as could be, the lady was nice enough to write down the number and give it to us and we left. my mom bitches at me to call and i'm just bitter as fuck and i just want to go home. WHAT a mess, so she calls and i'm just driving home and that place is short handed and the lady would put you on hold like atleast 3 times.

oh the greatness of having a fob mom...and only one USEFUL son which is ME..while the good for nothing pig brother just sits there as if he didn't exist...

in the end my mom was like bitchy as fuck because she didn't understand what the local dentist lady was saying i ended up making the appointment for mom and i with the woman on the phone and was set. FINALLY.

i'm especially bitter since i did such a great job at trimming my hair the other day and i just needed my mom to buzz the back and i was set. she cut SO MUCH when i didn't even want the top cut and she was like RELAX i'm not cutting much, I BELIEVED THAT and now i look like a very mean wangster...fuck my life...i also have these pimples on my forehead that feel like horns are growing out...goddd

some funny videos to make me feel better. if you like animals you might not like watching lol. i'm very apathetic right now.

so yeah. my new appointment is on TUESDAY @ 9AM. hopefully nothing fucks up this time and maybe i'll get my wisdom teeth pulled out at the same time..with less than a week to heal for school..ERR.

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  1. i know how you feel about the mom thing. arg i guess you dont know you have a good thing until you lose it.